Friday, October 10, 2008

Too Blah

I've decided my blog can be a bit blah at times, mainly lacking in things of the pictorial. So I thought I would dedicate an entire entry to the life and times of the Pennington family.

Let's start way back in August. This is us at the neighborhood picnic. It was a fabulous way for us to get acquainted with our new community. There were about a hundred people there, and a ton of kids for Owen and Blake to play with. Since then, I've attended the community association meeting and have volunteered to put together the newsletters. I'm working on my first one as we speak (or write).

Here is a pic of my friend, Katy & I (both preggo) in my new house. I'd post pics from moving day, but really, none of them are very good. I think Neil was in a close up mood. Okay, just so you know what I mean, here is an example: the stairwell leading from the basement (where we have our very own bar) to the main level. Seriously, I have 20 pics of the new house and not one of the front. I'll try and work on that.

So I didn't want you to think that I could just do photos. You all know how much Neil likes kayaking, and how much I love my husband. This is one of those videos that make me smile and screech all at the same time. I'm sure that he doesn't come down every drop as nicely as this. If you look closely, you'll see a blue blotch over by the rock on the right. Yep, that another guy's boat stuck up against the rock. Neil had to fish it out. So when you ask what Neil is up to and I say "kayaking," you'll know what I'm talking about.

So for the last couple years, our playgroup has gone to this farm nearby for a hayride, maze & pumpkin picking. Owen loved it. Blake could have cared less until it came to the hay itself. A few highlights of the day: Owen had a hard time picking a pumpkin because he thought they were too wet. Blake inadvertently had on two different shoes. I keep telling him to double check before leaving the house, but he just refused to listen. Owen finally decided on a medium sized pumpkin, then traded it for Blake's teeny tiny one. (never satisfied). Blake wasn't too keen on the pumpkin patch. He couldn't walk two steps without tripping over a vine, and he could care less about the pumpkins themselves. Owen thought the idea of a port-a-potty was "gross," but enjoyed washing his hands at the make shift sink.

Thanks to my friend, Amy, for sending me these pics. It seems that I can't ever remember to bring my camera when we go places. All this hay reminds me of Halloween, and how I still don't have a costume for Owen. He wants to be a Knight. Clare got him a shield at the Renn Faire, which he is super excited about. She also sent me to a website where I could make a costume for him, but that just sounds like work. Anyone know a real short knight who doesn't need his uniform on October 31. That would be super easy. Blake benefits from Owen's hand-me-downs, and has graciously agreed to be Superman. Isn't he nice.

It's time for me to take off for now. I have newsletters to write, camps to plan, a husband to satisfy (get your minds out of the gutter) and kids to raise. I wish I had all the time in the world to write, but I don't.

One more thing real quick. Check out the Like Hate Blog. Just do it. Don't ask questions, but I'd love to hear your feedback.

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