Friday, July 18, 2008

I know, I know, But Bear With Me!

It's the last day of the second week of camp, and we move tomorrow. The craziness is far from over. I'm hoping to be back to my normal daily blogging in two weeks. So I hope you can bear with me through this time of excitement and turmoil. Just to give you a brief update as it is 6:40 and I have to get the kids up and leave for camp in 20 minutes. Yikes. I feel the pressure.

We start packing the truck tomorrow at 4:00 pm at our current house on Cranberry. So if you're not busy, come on over and lend us a hand. We'll return it to you and fill it with a few slices of pizza and a beer or two. On Sunday, the truck (generously provided by my SWF Clare's boyfriend Mat) leaves Cranberry and head to the new home on Hubner in Catonsville. If you're better at unloading than loading, you can meet us there at 9:30 am. Don't worry, you're hands and belly won't walk away empty handed here either. You know I always feed's my thing.

It's so weird to think that I'll be living in a whole new house in an entirely different part of this area. I can't say I ever saw that coming, but I didn't think I'd be pregnant this summer either. Funny how God's plans aren't always ours, but somehow it all works out. I might be exhausted (and in bed by 9 most nights), but I'm making it and having a blast doing it. Camp is awesome. I wish I could share the experience with you all. I can share one story from yesterday. Picture this: I'm wearing my typical Director uniform: polo shirt & denim shorts (maternity of course). I'm driving around on the golf cart breaking down parts of camp we're not using anymore for the rest of the day. And the oldest kids are on the Upper Fields playing with buckets full of water. While Lauren, Aaron and I are chasing Geese away with the cart, the kids are attempting to douse us with no avail of course. They are no match for Hillary on a golf cart, but I did feel bad for not giving them a fair chance, so I decide to drive through the field and take a chance at getting a little wet. The first three kids offered nothing but a little splash. I'm thinking this is great. They're having a blast and I'm not getting...BAM, Nick (AKA Scooter) gets a direct hit and we're soaked. Yep, denim and a heavy polo simply dripping wet. I'm just glad there was no chaffing. Yuk! But the kids thought it was great and that was the point, right?

Really have to go now, Owen's sitting here begging for a snack. Of course when you ask him what he wants for a snack, he just says "SSNNNNACCKK." Not helpful at all!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crazyville is in the House

I would so love a moment to sit back and write a million different stories of what has occured over the past couple weeks, but time simply won't allow it. As we round the corner towards the end of the first week of camp, and have passed the 2 week mark until the move, my free time has dwindled to near nothing. Add a pregnancy to the above list, and you get one crazy lady. But it's all temporary, and there will come a time to breathe.

Camp is awesome. There was a moment the other day, as I was making my way down to the fields for the end of the day activity, when I saw campers playing soccer and flashed back four years in my mind to the day I first envisioned camp. To see it come full circle is nothing short of a mind-blowing event. What a blessing.

On the home front, our current house didn't quite appraise. It came in $6,000 less than our sale price. It sucks, totally, but what are you going to do. In the long run, it's a $20 a month difference. So pray the interest rates drop a little so we can make up that difference. Everything is else is set to go off without a hitch in less than 2 weeks. We're even, hoperfully, going to be able to move in to the new house next weekend, a few day early, which will be extremely helpful considering most of the people we know work during the week.

Baby is doing well and growing like a champ. I went in Tuesday for a normal check up and was sad when she said we were just going to listen to the heartrate. Bummer, no sonogram. But baby wasn't cooperating and she couldn't find the heartrate, so we got to take a peek anyways. Baby was chilling with her arm up around the head and feet curled up towards her torso. So cute. I think it kind of looked like a girl, but that's just wishful thinking. I'll be making an appointment for the big sonogram in the next day or so for August. I'm hoping to be able to get it in while Mom's here. How fun would that be? Pray towards that end.

Totally have to go now, or I'm going to be late for camp.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lost Between the Fog & The Ray of Light

I'm not really sure if I'm lost or if I'm found. It's simply been a crazy last few weeks. Forget the drama of house shopping, I've also been preparing for camp which starts MONDAY. This is the last day of staff training. (By the way, our staff rocks.) Today we'll be doing much of the set up for camp itself, which did I mention, starts MONDAY. I'm not sure that has set in yet. At the same time, I'm making preparations to sell a house and buy another house. We did the inspection on the new house on Tuesday, and most is good, no major issues. I, of course, went to the inspection, and spent the entire time talking with Amanda, the homeowner. Can I just say that I love this couple? They too are believers and that alone excites me. To put our two stories together, sounds more like one.

I can't write long this morning, because I slept in til 6:30, and I need to leave in 30 minutes or so. But I wanted to give you all an update of sorts, and ask you to pray for the start of camp.