Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Diving into business

If you've noticed the radio silence over the past two weeks, there is actually a good reason for it.  My friend, Betsy, and I have launched a new business, Strategic Victory Consulting.  I know what you're thinking.  Hillary, how could you possibly add one more thing to your plate?  Do you not do enough already?

Honestly, it's something we've been pondering for months now.  We kept thinking that we'd start it up after the election, maybe in January.  However, where would be the value in that.  The start of Maryland holds the vast majority of their elections every four years, meaning there won't be another statewide election until 2014.  Why not use this time between now and the election to build name ID, garner clients, and build relationships with the business community?  So we dove in, and in two short weeks, we have a logo, a website, a registered business, and two clients. 

What do we do?  We're two politically minded ladies with a vision to empower conservatives to victory.  So how would we define victory?  It doesn't have to be a political campaign.  There are a myriad of conservative organizations and small businesses that need help marketing themselves, but often lack the time and budget to do so. Whether candidates, incumbents, organizations or small businesses, we're offering up our expertise in marketing, event planning and fundraising in a budget-friendly way. 

Personally, I'm stoked about where this will take us.  It's always been my goal to go back to work when the kids get in school.  My goal would be that by 2014, when Madison heads off the Kindergarten, we'll be an established business with a steady income and even an office decorated with cute little purple elephants. 

Why the purple elephant?  We're not naive.  We live in Maryland, a deep blue and heavily liberal state.  Our vision is to see it become more a shade of purple than red, more of a two party state. 

Today, we meet with a potential supplier and possible customer.  It's my first official business meeting.  Tonight, we're heading to Howard County to our first networking event, at least professionally. 

It's been such a whirlwind.  Just over a week ago, we were sitting on the beach in Ocean City brainstorming about this venture.  Now, it's a full fledged reality.  Of course, we're a God-centered company and we believe this is the path we've been asked to take.  We covet the prayers of our friends and family, as politics is not exactly a cheery, bright place to work.  We hope to show people that you can work in this arena and maintain your faith and integrity.  And we can't do it without a network of supporters.  So, I'm asking each of you to stand by us, hold us accountable, and pray for us regularly.