Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lost Between the Fog & The Ray of Light

I'm not really sure if I'm lost or if I'm found. It's simply been a crazy last few weeks. Forget the drama of house shopping, I've also been preparing for camp which starts MONDAY. This is the last day of staff training. (By the way, our staff rocks.) Today we'll be doing much of the set up for camp itself, which did I mention, starts MONDAY. I'm not sure that has set in yet. At the same time, I'm making preparations to sell a house and buy another house. We did the inspection on the new house on Tuesday, and most is good, no major issues. I, of course, went to the inspection, and spent the entire time talking with Amanda, the homeowner. Can I just say that I love this couple? They too are believers and that alone excites me. To put our two stories together, sounds more like one.

I can't write long this morning, because I slept in til 6:30, and I need to leave in 30 minutes or so. But I wanted to give you all an update of sorts, and ask you to pray for the start of camp.

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Jo said...

I am so proud at what you and God accomplished this year with camp! Just a year ago, it was a dream and now look... you kick off on Monday! Amazing, huh? :) You're great, just so you know.