Monday, July 13, 2009

Picnics, Laundry, and Chic-Flicks!

It's amazing how much you can cram into 48 hours. What is supposed to be a time of relaxation and refreshment ends up being a marathon event, running from place to place, accomplishing task after task. I honestly believe that I wake up more tired on Monday morning then I do on any other day of the week. So where does the time go? Let's recount.

Friday we decided to stay home, eat leftovers and just chill. Great decision because we were about to hit overdrive. While we're "just chilling," Neil says, "Oh, I forgot, the Canoe Club picnic is tomorrow." OK Hillary, don't freak. How often do I omit tiny details such as this? "Sure, honey, as long as we are down at Maple Lawn by 5."

Saturday morning wasn't too bad. I weighed in 3.6 pounds lighter (which I'm thinking might be more muscle loss than fat loss, but we'll see). The rest of the morning consisted of me trying to put a dent in Mt. Dirty Hamper and preparing to be gone the entire day. And when you're going to two large events that both contain some sort of swimming attraction and of course the sun, there is a lot to think about...snacks, drinks, sun block, swim stuff, change of clothes, food for Madison, etc...! It's enough to send someone to the funny farm (only it wasn't so funny, and definitely not how I wanted to start the day). Of course by the time we got in the car, I was spouting off at Neil how he hadn't helped enough or noticed any of the amazing stuff I was doing for our family. Seriously, Hills, it's just sun block, but in the moment, it seemed so important. Doesn't it always? The forty minute drive to Pasadena was a bit stressed to say the least. All was resolved by the time we reached the shore, but it makes me wonder why I have to be so stinkin' sensitive?

The Baltimore Canoe Club picnic turned out the be the windiest event I think I've ever been to. It's probably the first time I've experienced a constant wind strong enough to blow anything away that isn't securely anchored that isn't associated with a rather large storm. It was just windy, and apparently normal for the shore, but just annoying to me. But it didn't ruin the event. At first Owen kept saying he wanted to go home. "Why Owen?"

"I'm just scared, Mommy. The water is too big." I'm thinking that the meer expanse of the water firghtened him. He's used to swimming in a pool, but by the end of the picnic, he was out there swimming in the muck of the Magothy (with a water snake might I add). Blake and Owen both enjoyed their time there, but didn't fight us when it was time to go to the next party.

Maple Lawn is a community across the street from Grace Community Church. Let's just say that Neil and I could probably afford a closet there. Once a year, they open up their "doors" to the community for a day of free fun, food, and fireworks. This year, Grace decided to be part of that. We set up a sand art table (left over from the picnic), and had at it. It actually became more of a camp thing, and what good exposure it was for us. We didn't have a ton of conversations about camp or church, but people knew we were there. It's just another opportunity to sprinkle our vision over the community. I'm pretty sure we'll be back next year, if for no other reason than the boys to play in their kick-butt pools. Neil, Blake & Owen spent more time in the water on Saturday than out of it, or so it seemed. Saturday night I simply could not fall asleep. Maybe I was too tired. I stayed up watching Chick-flicks until 2 am, and 7 am came pretty early.

Sunday wasn't so eventful as it was packed full with the mundane tasks required to kick off a new week, sea of laundry, grocery shopping, packing bags, etc... By the time we left for church, I was just done. Thankfully it was food & fellowship night because that means I don't have to worry about what to feed my family for dinner. When we got home, I consciously dedided to do nothing to rest of the night, and nothing consisted of watching The Parent Trap until 11:30...way too late when you have to get up at 5 am, not a good choice as I sit here now trying to process the fact that I have to leave my house in 20 minutes and wishing I had done some prep work last night. Oh well, you live and you learn. I could have chosen not to blog, or spend time in the word, but those things are more important to me then getting out of the house on time.

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