Monday, May 3, 2010

Walking, Pooping and Keyboards

What could be better than a walking 15 month old and a potty trained almost 3 year old?  They're all mobile, which means I can unleash them into the wild (aka the back yard).  And Blake has leaped over his last hurdle in potty training, 'dropping off the kids in the pool."  Now to teach his potty etiquette, aiming, wiping, and flushing. Beware when you come to visit, in a house with 3 boys (yes I count Neil in that), you always have to look at the seat before sitting down.  It doesn't matter how many times I clean that toilet before company comes over, the boys inevitably make it look like a public bathroom from hell in a matter of moments. 

Now onto the brunt of why I write today...mainly I'm testing out my keyboard.  Why?  Because Owen much has been feeling left out with all the talk of walking and pottying, because Saturday night, he thought it would be fun to take every key off my keyboard.  Yep, every single one.  Paul and Allen graciously offered to reassemble what they could, which surprisingly was most of it.  However a few keys are reversed like the F & G and the comma and period.  And several keys don't yet have a home due to missing springs.  Some keys stick, which slows down my typing considerably.  Yes, I'm not exactly a happy camper, especially considering, in the end, it will probably need professional assistance, as may I before this whole childhood thing is over. 

So send out your thoughts to me today as I rejoice in the triumphs and accomplishments of parenthood, and at the same time attempt to maintain a bit of sanity (and at least one computer).  The end (the typing is annoying me).

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