Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Passion: Lost or On Hold

I can't tell you how many times a day I think, "Oh, I should blog about that," like Blake's reversal in potty training or my near emotional breakdown.  Writing is such a release for me, a chance to vent frustrations or dive deeper into my own psyche. 

People ask me all the time how I manage to do it all, be a wife and a mother, a community activist, a mom advocate, and a political junkie.  Truth is that it isn't easy, and comes with a price, more like a sacrifice.  Lately, I've gone from blogging at least every other day to maybe once a week, if that.  I miss it, more than words can even express.  You know what else I miss, spending time with God.  Yep, it's funny how the things nearest and dearest to my heart are the first things to go when faced with a time crunch.  I feel like I'm constantly managing the urgent but not all that important, like picking up the same toys forty times in one day.  But don't get me started on trying to keep a house somewhat presentable. (I gave up on clean a long time ago).

I thought maybe I could bring you up to date in a manner suitable to my current time constraint: the Glee season finale (both urgent and important...he he).
  • Kid free time was amazing, restful and downright frisky (or so Neil says)
  • I turned 32 (yuk)
  • Went to Florida, saw my mom, the beach, and ate way too much restaurant food
  • Got a tick bite that got infected and forced me to see a doc twice while on vacation.
  • Came home just in time to celebrate Blake's 3rd birthday and rock out at an 80's prom.
  • Won the dance contest at the 80's prom (well...almost)...took my mom. 
  • Blake had a pirate themed party and showed off his new jungle gym.
  • Madison got bronchilitis for the 3rd time in 3 months...hope it's not asthma
  • Hung out with Jo and Ang is Chapel Hill, which was very good for my phyche
  • Met with Vanessa and Mandy about turning More than Moms into a non-profit...more to come on that. 
  • Got a chance to work the Red, White and Blue dinner this Thursday featuring Mitt Romney...it's a $200 event.  he he
  • Sent out my first press release today.
  • Owen is almost done with the Tots program and I've signed both him and Blake up for their summer clinic.  Sad and happy all at the same time.
  • Walking in Relay for Life this Saturday with Whisler Walking in memory of my dad.  Consider a donation.

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