Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lose Weight Dammit!

"Lose weight, dammit." Yep, this is what I say to myself every morning as I stare into the depths of the evil mirror.  "Mirror, Mirror on the wall.  Who's the frumpiest of them all." Again, that would be me.

Normally, I say these words and then do nothing.  I loathe myself as I crawl through yet another day of stagnant activity and over indulgent eating.

So this morning, I finally ventured off to the gym, for the first time in months.  My clients will just have to wait.  I need this for me, except the entire time I'm trudging through the workout, I'm looking around comparing myself to every other person in the room.  "At least I'm not like that guy."  "Oh, I wonder if she has kids.  Nah, probably not, she looks too darn good."  "I hope I look like her when I'm that age."  "Yikes, it could be worse."

It's funny.  In high school, it was the popular girls and magazine models that were the measurement for my self worth (physically at least).  Of course, that ship has sailed.  Now, I find myself envying non-moms or those who freakishly and miraculously revert back to cuteness 10 seconds after they give birth.  Just look at their stretch free skin and perky boobs.  Maybe my goal should be to simply not look like a mom.

Reality check, ladies.  I am never going to look a 22 year old again.  Ironically though, until recently, I was still hanging on to my size 2, extra tiny pre-pregnancy clothes.  Even if I did get back down to my former weight, a good 20 lbs from where I am now, my form is so drastically different, they'll never fit the same.  Off they went to the Goodwill.  It was a sad and dreary day when I let go of pre-existence and embraced the reality of my forever frumpiness.

However, just because I'm never going to look like a super model or even a B-list celebrity, it doesn't mean I have to walk around unhealthy and self-loathing.  If I don't like what I see, I should stop the laziness and put my butt in motion, literally.

So I thought I'd throw out an idea to my fellow supermoms.  Why not be each other's accountability?  Whether you are doing Weight Watchers or another diet program (names of which have completely left my brain), planning on working out at the Y on on your Wii Fit, let's support one another; help each other reach our  goals.  What do you say?  You in?