Thursday, February 28, 2008

5 Minutes til Bed

Yep, it's 9:30 and I am heading off to bed. Since this whole blogging thing is so new to me, I thought I'd try a nightcap blog to send me off to awaiting dreams. Today was good, not great, not bad, but good. I felt productive for the most part. Pilates, the once a week class that motivates me to get to the gym, kicked my butt. And believe me it needs to be kicked. Naptime also kicked my butt, but not in the good way. I was just so tired; I caught myself dosing off while watching One Tree Hill in sindication on SoapNet. You know you're beyond help when you even know what SoapNet is much less watch reruns of teany bopper shows in the middle of the day. I just could not motivate myself to do anything. Around 3, Owen starts banging on the door, "Mooommmyy, Whareu?" So being the merciful mom that I am , I get up and let the monster out of his cage. We had just enough time to get a snack before monster #2 started to stir. Actually I think Blake just wakes up in full stir because he can go from silent to demanding in literally no time. I don't even have to have a monitor in his room; you just know when he's awake.

After snack time...which, why is it that we have like 6 snack times a day but only one naptime? Shouldn't that be reversed? Anyways, after naptime, it was time for playdough. Owen loves "peedo." I actually use the Pampered Chef pastry mat as my play dough mat because we all know I don't bake, so this way I get some use out of the item. Play dough time didn't last long since Owen took off through the house flipping the flattened play dough like it was a pancake. I asked him to come back, giving him a choice, come back or no more "peedo." Apparently he was done with it since he ran to his room armed with the spatula and the tri-colored play dough, jumped on his bed and attemped to hide the play dough behind his pillow. Luckily I swooped in just before he smooshed it into the pillow. The only thing I could think in that moment was that I just saved myself a piece of laundry.

Neil arrived home a few minutes early...minutes I treasure. For some reason, I've just been so tired today. No, I'm not pregnant. Maybe I just haven't had my normal amount of caffeine, who knows? But I did manage to cook the same dinner I planned. Not a small thing to be overlooked. I love planning meals, but sometimes the follow through gets lost in translation, or more appropriately, my purse. I know I put my list in there, I just can't find it. Hmmm.

Lastly, after the boys were down, I worked. I spent an hour and a half making customer care calls for Pampered Chef. I always dread going into it, but feel refreshed and motivated after I make the first call. Isn't that funny how that happens, and so often, and not just with Pampered Chef? How many times do we dread doing something and then we find later that it was fun, or beneficial, or needed? Like working out, or spending time with God, or making Customer care calls for Pampered Chef. Anyways, I feel better. I have a headache, but I feel better about my business.

Until next time...Oh, and by the way, my five minutes to bed somehow turned into 15...must be my rambling.

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