Monday, November 24, 2008

Transverse Reactions

Since I haven't been that great at blogging, you may or may not know that we were planning on going South for Thanksgiving, following all the pretty little birds desperate to escape the freezing temps up here in Maryland. We WERE planning on going until my lovely Doc burst my bubble. I have to say though that I was sort of expecting it and a SORT OF relieved, not because I didn't want to see my family, but because I was absolutely the dreading the actual trip. Twelve hours in a car just didn't seem ideal to a woman with melons for feet and sharp pains in her (for lack of a better word) crotch.

So why did the Doc say No? Typically they recommend that women stop traveling long distances (by car or plane) between 26-29 weeks due to a risk of blood clots in the lower legs (car) or pre-term labor (plane). But given my history of early dilation and somewhat early delivery, there was no way I was getting an exception from him. End of conversation.

The rest of the visit was spent on her position. (Heart rate was good by the way...Owen was mesmerized by the sound). At the beginning of the exam she was breech and measuring a little small...probably more because of how freaking low her feet were at that very moment (and for the last month of so). By the end she was transverse (sideways across my belly). In all likely hood she should turn before delivery, but the farther I get along the harder that is. Right now she is still very mobile, as seen by the various abnormalities in my belly. In two weeks, I'll return and they'll do a sonogram to check her position. Any excuse for a sonogram is a good excuse to me. If she is still breech or transverse, then they will schedule an Aversion at 37 weeks. Basically two well trained doctors put their hands on my belly and attempt to turn Madision into the head-down position. Why wait until 37 weeks? Well Aversion has been known to actually induce labor, and at that point, it would be okay if it did. If for some reason the aversion fails or I end up going into labor before that points and she is in the wrong position, I will end up with another C-Section (which wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't have two other kids demanding my constant attention). Doc even gave me an entire lecture of what to do if my water breaks and she is transverse. Let's just say it doesn't sound like fun.

Moral of the story: Hillary is very sad that she's not going to get to see her Mom, grandparents, and her cousin's little baby on Thanksgiving Day. It's been 4 years since I've been with my family on any holiday. I'll also miss out on seeing Neil's family, Sherry & Alex, and our friends in NC, Rodg & Ang. However, not making the trip will most likely help with my comfort levels, we get to help out with the Metro Kids Thanksgiving Eve Dinner (in Inner City Baltimore), and we'll spend Thanksgiving Day with Jo and Jamie up in Philly (who are moving to NC in a few weeks). So there is bad news and good news, as life tends to bring. For now I have to go pay bills and take Owen swimming.

By the way, I was planning on going shopping on Black Friday with my mom and I was super excited until the bubble busted. Anyone want to go with me at 6 am in the morning?


Genelle said...

Sorry to hear that you aren't going to make it to GA for Thanksgiving!

I know there is a stretch you can do to make a transverse baby move into the head down birthing position. My mother-in-law did it while she was IN labor with my brother-in-law and it worked! It has something to do with getting on your hands and knees and arching your back up. Let me know if you want me to get more details if you want to try it.

Emily said...

I'm sorry to hear you're not heading down this way too!

There is still plenty of time for that precious little girl to get into a good position. sweat...right?
By the way, we will be heading up that way soon.