Saturday, February 7, 2009

Have You Lost a Shoe?

So Tim the Magnificent (AKA The Pennington Pond Boy) took care of our minivan for three days this past week at the Chrysler dealership. He fixed a few warranty issues, hooked us up with a couple new tires and some new brakes...but we didn't expect to find an added bonus when it came back to us last night.

Neil comes in this morning with a lone black shoe and asks if it's mine. "Not so much. What about your girlfriend? Nah, she probably wears a size 7 or something petite like that." (Disclaimer: this is not "Big Love." Neil does not have a girlfriend and that was fully intended as joke).

Now we have a mystery to solve. Whose shoe is it? Joyce wears a size 8 so we know it's not hers (nor can I see her wearing this type of shoe). Tim can't figure it out either. I have my own theories about cross-dressing mechanics or a scenario that involves a forbidden make-out session in our van (but that just makes me shudder). I just can't figure out who wouldn't notice that they left a shoe, a high heel for that matter, in our car. The point is that no one knows where it came from. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there when Neil took the car into the shop, but just in case, if any of you lost a shoe in our car, you are more than welcome to come and claim it. All rewards will be accepted.

On a side note (or mainly so I don't have to do another post): Do you like my new hair cut? Oh and my two beautifuly children? Adorable aren't we (I mean "they").


patrick said...

It's mine. Just mail it to me.

Jo said...

LOVE the new hair.
And the shoe? That's a little creepy.

EG said...

Hey, I just got your blog address from FB, I'll follow you now on Google Reader! I love technology.

We're online too, click my name to see us!

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

The shoe is BIZARRE! What the heck?!

Love the hair!!

Kamma{}Nala said...


Angela Otero said...

I know I'm a little tardy on the comments, but I'm a faithful, even if sporadic reader. ;)

LOVE THE HAIR!!! Pick me out a good new hair cut, and I'll cut mine too!