Monday, February 16, 2009

Not the Gassy Kind

Newborns really aren't too exciting. Honestly, all they do is sleep, eat, poop, cry, and pass gas. And Madison has masted all of those, even the sleeping (most of the time), but especially the gas. In fact when she was born she actually had stinky gas. Every once in a while, in a particularly gassy moment, she would smile. Not sure if it was because she was proud of her gaseous feat or just a reflex planted into her DNA, but last night she was smiling...for real smiling.

It's contagious, you know? When you see a baby smiling, you just can't help but melt into a gooey rendition of oohs and aahs and silly faces. I'm pretty sure we had an in depth conversation without saying a word, a connection beyond the boob, beyond the meeting of a need. This was truly the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


EG said...

I was looking back at pictures of Will this weekend from months 1 and 2. He was my first, of course, so I assumed everything he did to be normal. But we have pictures of him, at under a month old, where he's grinning. It had nothing to do with gas.

God is so clever to make these little pooping, eating, sleeping, crying machines able to truly smile so early on.

Jo said...

Awwww... I love those first smiles!