Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Potty Training & Poo Poo Baskets

No, I am not training Owen to poop in a basket. Yesterday we went to the Dollar Tree and Owen picked out several toys & prizes to put in his Poo Poo Basket. Then we came home, put the basket together, and made a cute little chart. I explained to Owen the Plan. Every time he goes pee pee in the potty he gets a little sticker for his chart. When he goes poo poo, he get s big "high flying" sticker and gets to pick a prize from the Poo Poo Basket. He's very excited and runs into the bathroom. I'm thinking, "this is it. We're done." He pulls down his pants, climbs on the toilet and pees in the potty.

"Owen, do you need to go poo poo too."

"No! All done."

So we go pick out a cute little sticker to start off his chart. Ten minutes later he poops in his pants. This is the story of my life lately, potty training. Seriously I have two boys and one of the way. I put up with a lot, but I believe these kids get together and conspire against mommy's around the world. They know this is the one thing they have complete control over, and they use it. Every mom gives her advice, and it's good advice because it worked for her, but let's face it; there is no Twelve Step program for potty training.

So if you've been wondering where I've been the last week or so, entertaining in-laws and immersed in bodily functions. Fun times!


amy said...

"there is no Twelve Step program for potty training"

HAHAHA! True, true. I have no advice.

I think there are really three things that kids have complete control over that they use against us. Eating, sleeping and pooping. I think at playgroup, they all go off together and conspire as to how they will use their power to drive us insane.

Anonymous said...

When our son was in diapers (I think he was around 2), we began potty training him by telling him he would be just like Daddy. That made him want to copy what I did. Every time he used the potty we told him he was just like Daddy. Finally, one day he just went on his own and then told US he was just like Daddy. Every child is different though.