Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rainy Day Disaster Averted & Global Warming?!?

So the day went fairly well, no major disasters, minus the lack of nap time for a certain 15 month old mischievous little boy. There wasn't enough rain for a mud pit, so we had to go with an alternate plan. By 9 am, we were already at the Y for my morning workout. Not too much to say about that, except that I lifted weights (which is monitored by this Fitlinx system that is really cool ) for the first time in close to 2 months and I forgot my towel so I had to return home hot and sweaty and figure how to distract my monster's long enough to get clean. (pretty sure that was a run on sentence).

Katy and Ashleigh arrived shortly thereafter and off we went. Where you ask? To Chick-Fil-A of course. We were hungry and the kids can play while we chat. I would have joined a group going to Playwise, but didn't get the message until too late. Maybe next rainy day (thanks Amy for the invite). Back to the house for nap time (which didn't go as planned) and a chick flick (the Vegas one with Ashton).

Now I'm racking my brain to figure out what to make for din din with chicken breast, rice or pasta, and what ever else I find in my pantry. I really hate it when I slack on meal planning. It just throws off my whole week (by the way, Stacey...rule #1 to saving on your weekly grocery bill: meal planning).

Political Side Note: Two more articles to support my Global Warming Scandal (courtesy of Amy):,2933,333328,00.html

Also, I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear who McCain picks. Do you think it's too late for Condi to change her mind? I'm not a gambling type, mainly because I would lose all my money trying to win, but I'm thinking it's gonna be Romney. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hillary, is it ever too late for a woman to change her mind?

Hillary Pennington said...

I hope not, but I'm thinking if that happens, it would be a miracle.

The Weldon's said...

Meal Planning.... Yes... I gotta work on that one. I look forward to rule # 2.