Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Things I Just Don't Get!

I totally don't get the show "Oobi" on Noggin, or boys who think it's cool to show off their underwear, or any person revealing a certain crack. I don't get "Boke." Okay, this one deserves an explanation. When my sister was a teenager, her friends and her would mix coke and beer in a 2-liter bottle so it looked like they were just drinking soda. I guess it was too hard to get a hold of a cheap bottle of liquor. Worst thing about it? I found this bottle of coke down in the basement and thought I'd just won the lottery (Mom didn't buy much soda). You can tell where it goes from here. Let's just say there's a reason no one has tried to market Boke.

I don't get how Obama's team can go after Palin, the VP pick for McCain, for a lack of foreign policy experience. Seriously, are they that arrogant that they can even bring up the word experience? If I were him, I'd leave that word in the 4-letter word pile. Tell me Obama, what foreign policy experience have you had? You've been in the U.S. Senate for how long? 3 years is it? And when did you start running for president? Oh, right away? Hmmmm, that doesn't sound like a lot of experience to me, foreign or otherwise, and you're running for president. Sarah Palin might not have a ton of experience either, but she out ranks you. She's not just the mayor of a city of 7,000 as your minions would suggest, she is the Governor of the state of Alaska. Granted Alaska is not the largest (population wise) state in the union, but it's still important (and one my dad was quite fond of). Now she hasn't sat down with our enemies yet without preconditions, and hopefully won't because who would do that (except you, Mr. Obama)? But she does have executive experience, not much granted, but more than Obama, and they're not running for the same position. She's a Governor, a conservative, a reformist, and a mom...which brings me to my last point of the morning.

I don't get how the supposedly tolerant left can attack Palin for the fact that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant. Now I have to stop for a moment and give huge props to Obama for publicly stating that children are off limits. Still don't like his politics, but that bumped him up a notch in my book...didn't stop the rhetoric of the main stream media, but still. I'm a mom and I realize that all I can do is raise my children as best I can. I hope to teach them Christian values, more than that, to have a personal relationship with Jesus, but just like I can't force Owen to poop on the potty, I can't force them to live by the things I teach them. I grew up in a house that taught the importance and value of abstinence, but I didn't exactly adhere to those teachings, and believe me I paid the price. No I didn't get pregnant, but I see now the benefits of waiting, what God intended sex to be like in the safety of a marriage. Just because Bristol, Palin's daughter, got pregnant at 17, doesn't mean she's a bad mom. But maybe the extreme left feminists would think so, after all, Sarah didn't stand at the door every time Bristol left with a condom. If she had, maybe this mishap wouldn't have occurred, right? First of all, it's not a mishap, it's a miracle, as life always is. Second, I have more respect for Palin and her family that Bristol has decided to keep the baby and marry the boyfriend. Now I'm not always for the marriage part. I don't think that is the best choice sometimes, but maybe for Bristol it is.

I feel for Palin and her family right now. It must be very difficult for all of them, especially Bristol. No matter how much love she gets from her family, it probably seems like the rest of the world is condemning her. How difficult that must be, to feel like your life just changed, all your plans, all your dreams...not ruined (though it may feel like it) but definitely changed, and you have to live through that in front of the whole world. Yeah, I don't get how people can stand on their soap boxes and point fingers in judgement, and sadly this doesn't just apply to the left. In fact, I'm sure there was a rumble and grumble among church goers as well, and shame on them. Believe me, Jesus would not have been condemning this girl, he'd extend his arms providing refuge, retreat, and love.

I'm sure there are a million other things I just don't get, like now that I'm pregnant with a girl, why I lost my glow, but I can't really go on and on forever...the gym beckons me, as does Blake.

Maybe tomorrow I'll hit a topic a little lighter, or maybe not. You never know what I might write about.

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