Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

This is my absolute favorite season.  Honestly, if I could just keep my house looking the way it does right now, with the decorated trees (5 in all), bright shades of red and green, adorable stuffed animals adding flare through out.  Yes, if only I could leave it just like this all year long, and not be accused of cat-lady syndrome or red-neck dysfunction, I'd totally do it.  In a heartbeat, I'd do it.  It's just so farm and fuzzy, welcoming and festive, from the music to the candles and the lights.  Even as I type this, I'm sitting in my living room lit only by the lights from the Christmas tree.

However, it begs the question, why can't the sentiment of Christmas last all year long.  How hard would it be to keep a tote or two of special "seasonal" decorations to interchange from time to time?  What about a playlist on my iPod that changes every couple of months, filled with songs that capture the mood of whatever season it happens to be.  And of course, I could change the lighting options within each room to adjust for the changes in the length of the day.  I could do all of these things, but it just sounds like so much work, especially after I just spent a week transforming my house into the winter wonderland it is today.  Maybe that's why I only do it once a year. 

Of course, in all this, I don't forget the "reason for the season," which does in fact amuse me that Christians make such a huge deal about the commercialism of it all.  But shouldn't my walk with the Christ be daily, not seasonal?  And didn't Christmas in fact find it's roots in a pagan holiday celebrating the winter solstice?  In fact, I hear Jesus wasn't even born in December.  Granted, it's a great time to remember the mere fact that God did come to Earth in the form on a baby.  God!  The Creator of the vast universe came here, humbling himself to the point of humanity, in order that I might have a relationship with him.  I get that. Don't get me wrong.  I just love all the rest of it too.  The Christmas cards, the shopping (especially the deals), the trees wrapped all pretty under the tree, the parties, the family & friends.  I love it all.

The kids are having a blast, enjoying the festivities throughout the city.  We've been visiting train gardens, making cookies with friends, watching a light show at the National Harbor (where they have a Peeps Store), crafting Christmas cards for Owen's classmates, taking pictures, and decorating the house (of course).  I even got all three of them to sit with Santa.  Owen's never even gotten close to the man.  Now that he thinks Santa brings him presents, he's all over him.  I guess the promise of a present, a play kitchen in fact, is enticement enough.  Though Madison continues to look on with caution, she too is quite taken with the jolly ole' fellow.

This week, we're gearing up for a Wrapping Party (come if you'd like), Owen's School Party, and our Bible Study party.  I just love parties!  I get to give out lots of gifts as well.

Before I go, I have to tell you about our Christmas Eve plans.  So Fusion, our new/old church, traditionally does an 11 pm service and since that will be our last night at Grace, they thought it best to stick with the original plan.  For some of us, as you can imagine, 11 pm doesn't work so well.  I'm hoping, at least, that all three of my kiddos will be in bed.  So a few of us families decided to do our own thing and it caught on.  So Christmas Eve, we'll be gathering at our house at 5 pm to sing a few Christmas Carols, read the Christmas Story, and just worship together.  It will be very family friendly, kids are welcome.  If you don't have anywhere else to go, come hang with us. 

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