Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome to Sickville

Anyone know an insane asylum that is close to home and only takes those moms on the verge, you know, the ones with three sick kids at home? I barely remember normal. My friend Sarah once said (like a week ago) that the longer we're outside of normal, the abnormal becomes the new normal. Please NO!

It all started last Saturday, which was a whole other story in itself, at Ashleigh's birthday party. I lean over to give Owen a kiss while he's eating cake and realize..."Crap he has a fever." I would have left then, but Neil had taken Mat back to the house (a half an hour drive one way) so that he could go be with Clare who'd just been in an accident (all part of the other story I wasn't going to tell write now). Neil had barely placed his foot in the door when I handed him a kid and directed him back to the car. Even with a fever Owen seemed somewhat normal, so this was the good day. By Sunday Blake had joined the ranks of the ill...still acting like his usual self. Sunday night Madison decided to join in the fun minus the fever. At this point it was more of a nuisance since we were stranded at home. I kept Owen home from school on Monday for what I thought would be a recovery day. By the end of the day, all three of my kids had made the transition from normal sick to ornery sick. Blake wouldn't let me go and was simply miserable. Owen, though he still had energy, had no patience and decided it was more fun to whine and cry about everything (even his fork falling on the floor). Madison, though not as annoying, would gag herself into vomiting. Yes, that was a highlight wasn't it.

Tuesday didn't get any better, though I did venture out to Target armed with Lysol and tissues. Honestly I think that was more for my sanity than others. It seemed to be passing by Tuesday afternoon. Madison was doing better. Owen seemed completely normal sans the cough. Blake still had a fever, but was showing signs of recovery. We even ventured out to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Of course we didn't let the kids play, but it was nice to get out and be with people again. I found myself conversing with anyone who would listen and realized I was starved for adult conversation.

Owen went to school on Wednesday while I took Blake and Madison to the doctor. She found nothing beyond the basic cold. On a side note, Madison was 10 lbs 1 oz and 22 1/2 in long...still petite and looking great. I was hoping to be able to work out, to go to this Mom's potluck at Owen's school, and possibly even get my hair done...but did none of it due to Blake's fever.

Thursday seemed to bring with it a sense of wellness, but it was all a disguise. By the time Neil got home from work (and most of our Bible Study was already here) Owen had almost completely melted down. He literally sat silently in his Daddy's lap until bedtime. In fact, he was in bed before Blake for once.

This morning both kids woke up around 8 am (sweet) with no fever and minimal coughing. Let's just hope it sticks. I'd like to get on the one way train out of Sickville and return to Normalville as soon as possible.

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amy said...

I'm sorry you guys are sick! Having been in that boat for a great deal of the winter, I totally feel your pain.

PS. Christopher was 10 lbs at birth :)