Friday, April 3, 2009

Memoirs of a Single Mom (for a weekend at least)

So far it hasn't been that bad. Neil left for his annual kayaking trip before dawn this morning, but that's not unusual. He's out the door before 6 almost everyday, so the day itself was fairly normal. Owen went to school. I worked out. I weighed in (which wasn't exactly the highlight of my day), did a little grocery shopping, and returned to pick Owen up. We headed home for afternoon naps which only 1/3 of my children actually took.

I had my first counselor interview at 2:00. The fact that Owen and Madison weren't napping certainly made the interview a little more interesting. All that aside, I think we just found our first hire of 2009. Yay!

Now what's one thing you can when you're husband is out of town that you can't do as easily when he's in town? That's right...hire a babysitter and go out with a friend. Jen and I moseyed on over to Chevy's for our favorite past time, margaritas, flautas, and a "baby in a bar." (Quote from the best movie ever, and if you don't know, then you are not worthy of that sort of knowledge) Afterward we strolled around the mall as Jen schooled me in accessorizing. She is my fashion & decorating guru. Man am I glad that she's back, for a while at least.

I have to give a shout out to my friend Tim who graciously offered to take my babysitter home so I didn't have to get the boys out of bed. Tim, you are the bombdiggity. Thank you!

So really, it's been okay. I feel like Grover at the end of the book, The Monster at the End of This Book, when he said "and you were so scared. Oh, I'm so embarrassed." Again if you don't know the book, you're just not right. It's totally worth the read.

Maybe the key is planning. Tomorrow we're off to the gym, a little yard saleing, maybe a walk to Opies (the snocone place), and a party at 4. Sunday, it's Easter Egg hunting with Mat, Clare and Reese (not sure I could do that by myself) and church. See, I have a plan. "In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps." - Proverbs 16:9. Still doesn't hurt to have a plan.

Owen is out of school next week for Spring Break, so I need a plan. I'm thinking one day to the Zoo, one day to the Science center, and another day to Air Mania. And they love going to play at the gym. Staying home all day is not a good thing for any of us. My kids are more like me than I care to admit. We need to get out. I'll keep you posted and myself as well.


Katy said...

I knew you could do it! I know how scary it is the first time you have to parent alone. Though I haven't done it with 3 kids obviously, the first day is absolutely the worst! I'd be happy to join you for the zoo next week...let me know what day! :-)

amy said...

"You have a baby... in a bar."

I'm glad you're making it!