Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Real Note: Where in the World is Neil Pennington?

Yes, it's day three of the Single Mom Weekend. And yes, we are all still doing well despite the busyness of the weekend. We were going to go Easter Egg Hunting with Clare and her entourage, but I decided it would be best for us to chill out at home today. These kids need a good nap, or maybe it's me that needs a good nap. Either way, we all need a day to chill. After naptime I thought we'd head to the park for a few before Fusion (that's church for those of you who don't know), but those are my plans for the day.

My real question is where in the world is my dear old husband? He called Friday night when he got off the river, left a message & I haven't heard from him since. Now don't go getting all worried. This is fairly normal. Cell coverage sucks so he can literally be out of service for the entire weekend. Does this ease my mind? Actually, not as much as you would think. I keep telling myself that if something happened, there are three other people on the trip with my number in their phones. They'd call me, right? Well sure if they could get coverage themselves. Don't get me wrong, I'm not freaking out, at least not like I was last year. Same trip, very different circumstances. I knew my dad was dying, so waiting for that "I'm not dead yet" phone call from my husband was more like someone tied me up inside a classroom while dozens of women ran their fingernails down the chalkboard over and over again. Let's just say come Sunday afternoon when he finally called, I wasn't greeting him with lovee dovee goodness like I will this time.

It's amazing how easy worry comes. Statistically Neil has a better chance of being injured walking down the stairs than he does on kayaking. However, oddly enough, I don't stand at the bottom of the stairs wondering if he'll make it. It's a good thing too because that would just be weird, right? But when he takes off down a river, I worry. I wonder about the long list what ifs. Of course it doesn't help when I don't hear from him in two days, but I'd probably worry either way.

So there you have it.

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amy said...

I bet if Neal had to walk down the steps for two days straight you'd be waiting at the bottom... with a glass of water at least.