Sunday, May 3, 2009

Inching Right

If you know me at all, then I'm sure you're fully aware of where I stand politically...right of center. Now, how far right of center I am, seems to be in direct correlation to how far left the Left moves. Lately I find myself inching further and further right, and as I look around me, I'm noticing a heck of a lot more everyday Americans right there with me (who weren't necessarily there before). The recent tea parties are a case in point. Granted, CNN, Nancy Pelosi, and every left of center liberal out there mocked the hundreds of thousands of people (maybe even millions) who, for the first time in their lives, cared enough to protest. But that's not the point.

So what is my point, you ask? After the election, I tried desperately to put on my blinders and pretend that this was not My America, that what was happening was not actually happening. But really, how long can you keep your head in the sand without suffocating (or getting sand in places you really don't want it)?

Okay, so I pull my head out of the sand. What now? What can I do, especially when it seems that people are euphorically blind to the deterioration of the American Dream that is happening right in front of their eyes. Seriously, is there even a such thing anymore? Naive me thought it was all about the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, but that doesn't seem to matter anymore. The very core of America is under attack, and it's so subtle that we don't even notice it. One day we'll wake up and wonder where these chains came from. We'll wonder what happened to our unalienable rights; our right to speak freely, our right to assemble peacefully, our right to bear arms, our right to express ourselves. Heck, sometimes I wonder if it's all a hoax. Maybe we don't have rights anymore, just the illusion or faint shadow of what once was. People look to the government to meet their needs. Personal responsibility is a four letter word. Empowerment is unattainable. And blame is the name of the game. Is this the new definition of hope?

I live in a state dominated by leftist liberalism, the ultimate blue state. Literally, I am surrounded by libs. You would think in a state so happily left of center that the people would be happy, crime low, and poverty almost non-existent. It should be the ideal society, right? Yet, it's so far from it. The poor keep getting poorer, more dependent than ever on the government, that is so poor itself, it can barely support them. And yet, our mighty Governor feels the solution is simple...raise taxes and increase spending. Wait a second, didn't he just do that? Wasn't there something about the largest tax increase in recent history? Yeah, I vaguely remember that, especially when I'm standing in the checkout lane on payday. No, no, no...slots! Slots will save us. If only the gambling addicts could somehow dig us out of this hole we've dug (and by we, I am not referring to myself).

Friday, I took Owen to preregister for pre-K. The chances of him getting in are slim to none, but I thought we'd try. You see, we're not considered poor and Owen isn't delayed, so we don't exactly meet the criteria for automatic enrollment. Yet, my property taxes pay for the program. Ironic, isn't it?

Last week, I was invited to the Patapsco Valley Republican Club's executive board meeting. And since it didn't fall on a Thursday night, (like their normal club meetings) I was able to go. It was enlightening to say the least. Honestly, I think it was just enough to send me over the edge. If I was sitting on a fence before, I am no longer. I've decided to focus on the grass roots movements within my own community. In order to make a difference on the national level, we have to start at home. I dream of a red city, and then a red county, and then a red state (but only if that red is represented by true conservatives).

And now a message for our Republican leadership. Right now, you are the lesser of two evils. You lack leadership, courage, and spunk. You're so afraid of losing your status that you refuse to take a stand for true conservatism, and you've fallen down on the job. You're not representing us, but rather looking out for yourselves. Go home. Talk to the people in your districts, and not just those that agree with you. Listen. Find out who they are and what they need. Meet people where they are, and take them one step further. You have to give people a reason to believe in you, to stand behind you. Empower us. Inspire us. Move us. Stop focusing on the other side, and spend some much needed time educating your constituents about who you are & what you believe in as a conservative, a Republican. Debunk the lies that we're a party of rich, white racists. But most of all, trust us, "we the people..."

I've added a couple links on the right. One is to the Patapsco Valley Republican Club. I encourage those of you who are with me, right of center, to get involved in your local clubs and organizations. You don't have to go door to door or make random calls. There are a million way to be part of the grass roots movement. The other link is to a young guy running for a State legislature seat in my district. His name is DJ Madron. I've yet to meet him, but from what I've read, I like what he has to say. Maybe a little youth around here will be nice and refreshing, like a stick of Stride gum.


Dave said...

Inching Right? I like it...Well, eerily similar slant to my recent post regarding "identity"...

I, like you, am confident in who I am. However, politically, I have done some recent soul searching and I found all things philosophically unchanged.(Thank goodness!) However, my priorities may have changed, I am willing to listen and hear the arguments, I may not agree, but I'll listen, debate and vote. It seems negotiating with myself has become a task I do fairly often these days. I mean is crazy to think I can have "ALL" things my way, right? (At least outside of my castle...hehe)But, I am steadfast in my conservative beliefs and like you, I find myself more than a few "rows" right of center.

So, we've established who we are, I feel it "high time" that our Republican leadership, find and define the reasons for calling themselves leaders. It's not OK, to wait for the current administrations, be it local, state or national, to make the next move, or you can say..."I told you so, or look what they did!" and then try to capitalize!

It's time we define ourselves, as Republicans / Conservatives, unify the message, stick to it and go forth. We have been dealt the hands we must play for the next 18 months.

Good Writing Hillary!


EG said...

Did you follow Meghan McCain's blog during the election? She writes for an online paper now, too, but I can't remember the name of it.
Your second-to-last paragraph reminded me of her message to the Republican party.
You'd probably find her writing interesting.