Sunday, May 17, 2009

"You Have a a bar."

If you know me at all, you know that the title of this her blog entry is from my absolute favorite movie, Sweet Home Alabama. I can't tell you how many times in the last 4 years I've said those very words to myself (or heard someone else say them to me) as I've sipped on a margarita during Happy Hour. Well, this past Friday was no different, but I wasn't exactly chillin' with my BFF's this time...I was at a political rally of sorts, meeting with candidates and fellow "right" thinking peeps. Admittingly, I was a little intimidated as I walked in. I half expected it to be 2 or 3 old timers sippin on a jack and coke spouting off about the good ole days of Reagan and "cold" wars. But as I rounded the corner of Dimitri's bar, I found a hopping crowd of mixed ages, genders and drinks. I gracefully moved through the crowd. Okay, maybe graceful is the wrong word considering I'm lugging Madison around in her car seat bumping the elbows and knees of everyone I passed. I begin to focus in on familiar faces and navigate toward them. Within minutes Dave (campaign treasurer for the Madron team) had a beer in my hand and began to introduce me to the unknown faces in the crowd. I finally had the chance to meet DJ Madron, the guy I was telling you about who is running for the state legislature in our district. He's young, but what he lacks in experience, he gains in vigor. He's fed up and ready to take on Annapolis, and that's a golden quality in any republican these days. I also ran into Al Nalley, the other guy running for one of the two choice seats in the district. Al's a bit older and has been through this all before, but you wouldn't know it just by looking at him. He's just as fired up as Madron and has proved that he has what it takes to keep fighting.

I also learned a lesson in "Small Worldville." Almost immediately, I met a young couple, Jimmie & Kathleen, who just happened to be from Georgia (or at least she was). We grew up a few miles from each other and now live within minutes, each with three kids. Instant connection! Yay, I love those. I'm sure, as we get to know each other better, we'll realize that we have at least one friend of a friend of a friend in common. Man, it makes me wish I could make our local club meetings, but they always fall on Thursday nights. Do you think I could fake sick and go to the meeting, while they have Bible Study at my house? I could easily put pillows in the bed like I did when I was a teenager and climb out the window (might suck with I hit the ground and break my leg, but at least I'd get to go hear all these amazing speakers.)

In the next couple days, I hope to post a blog of Speed Cameras. We're passing petitions around in the hopes of pushing this stupid idea into referendum. Seriously, speed cameras? It's one thing to put a cop out there and play a little game of cat & mouse. It's another thing to entrap people with inaccurate technology that works more like a tax than a penalty. Oh how I love our system. Wow, now that my blood is boiling, I should really get on to my next topic or bed...haven't decided yet.

I took some pics from the event, but Neil left the camera card in the car, so I'll have to post them tomorrow.

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