Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just Another Day

There's nothing really special about today, at least not particularly, but I'm just sitting her watching my kids, thinking "I should blog about this." So I pulled out my phone and went to work.

You see, Owen doesn't take naps anymore, but he does have a "rest time" in his room. When he emerges at 4 pm, I'm never quite sure what he'll look like. Today, he found a black marker and some snow boots, the combination of which sent me into flat out giggle. Side note: It doesn't matter where I hide markers, they always seem to find them. It's absolutely amazing.

Honestly, when he came down the stairs, I thought he was wearing pants.

This is just a better picture, but Owen certainly looks guilty of something.

While Owen's off exploring his artistic abilities, Blake is entering the world of potty training.  Yep, I'm officially losing it.  Good news, I'm one day closer to only having one in diapers.  Bad news, I'm about to be peed on A LOT.  Want to know what's even better? Blake has also entered the land of disobedience and defiance.  I'm not sure if this it the best time to convince him that what I want him to do is really the best thing.  For instance, I just had to go fish him out of the laundry room (literally while typing this). We played a game of cat & mouse until I finally caught him, and promptly punished his failure to respond.  Come to find out, he'd also peed in his underwear.  Oh yeah, we've started putting him in underwear to allow him to get the feel of them. Potty training is so defeating.

You can't see, but he's wearing underwear.  The novelty isn't lost on him. He is a boy.

Madison? What's Madison up to?  She's trying desperately to crawl, but get frustrated when she keeps moving backwards. But it doesn't stop her.  If she wants something, she'll get it. It might take her a while, but eventually she'll roll around enough to get there.

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Jo said...

Awesome. Sounds like a great day. Sigh. Now put the kids to bed and break out the wine and chocolate!