Friday, October 23, 2009

O's First School Field Trip

Beside the fact that I left the stroller at home and had to report to carrying Madison around all morning, I'd say Owen's first field trip was a raging success.  We all met up at Clark's Ellioak Farm for a day of animals, mazes, hay rides, and pumpkins. 

Blake was in a snit most of the morning, but Owen seemed to heartily enjoy himself, bouncing from animal to animal, engaging with his friends, and deciding every pumpkin in the patch was his absolute favorite. Madison enjoyed being passed from person to person.  Sometimes she reminds me so much of Owen as a baby, so I guess I know what to look forward to. 

We started out at the petting zoo.  Man, have you been to this place?  The goats pratically snap the food out of your hand.  They're like my kids at dinner time, like they've never been fed before.  We also saw sheep, who apparently don't like carrots, a miniature cow, pigs, donkeys, an emu, chickens, horses, and probably some more that I can't remember.

After the over eager animals, we loaded up on the tractor trailor and away we went on our hay ride, which was lacking hay, but whatever.  Regardless, Owen had a blast, sitting up at the front with his classmates, completely ignoring his mom.  I'm guessing it's a glimpse of what is to come.

The hayless tractor dropped us off at the "pumpkin patch," which was really quite a dissappointment.  Basically they had dropped a truckload of small pumpkins onto a field.  Larriland is a far better farm, just saying.  Blake & Owen spent about 2 seconds picking out a pumpkin and then the next five exchanging it one after another.  Finally, with Mommy's help, they narrowed it down.  While I went to put the pumpkins in the car and change Madison's very wet diaper, the boys joined the rest of the class in the Pine Tree Maze.  By the time I got back, there was no finding them in that thing, so I hung out with a couple other moms at the entrance. 

From there we crawled into the car and headed off to BJs.  Yes, it was lunch time, and yes, I must have been delusional to think that this was in any a way a good idea.  I figured I throw the boys in one of those car carts, get them a hot dog and some chips and they'd be good while I picked up some household necessities with my free 60 day membership.  The plan did work...for about 15 minutes.  Of course they decided to break down about two aisles from the checkout lane.  I felt so close to becoming the "walmart mom", it wasn't even funny.  Seriously!  But we made it out alive, got home, and stuck the kids in front of the TV while I unloaded the car.  Why are you judging me?  Like you've never done that.

All in all, it was a good day.  I can't believe my boy is old enough to even go on his first field trip.  I feel a song coming on..."memories, memories."

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