Friday, October 2, 2009

Date with Mommy

Owen is certainly a growing boy. It used to be that I would choose to take the baby with me if I had to run out somewhere quickly, but now, it’s actually easier to take Owen. He’s a big boy, doesn’t need a stroller and can get in and out of the car “all by himself.” Sometimes the independence stage can be like pulling teeth, but lately, it’s been quite freeing for me as well.

Yesterday, I picked up Owen from school and we went down to Columbia Mall to see my eye doctor. Where were the other kiddos you ask? Thanks to my fabulous Mother-in-law, I’ve basically had a free pass all week long. So they were at home with her. Thanks Cathy. I told O if he was a good boy and behaved at the doctor then I’d take him for a special treat. Little did he know that the treat also entailed a fun lunch with Mommy’s friend, a quick and painless haircut, and a new stuffed friend.

Of course behaving at a doctor’s office is completely relative. Given the attention span of a 4 year old and the amount of time we had to wait, I give major props to him for not breaking anything. In all actuality, he did pretty well, mostly staying seated and almost not touching anything. Seriously, I can’t even keep Neil was playing with things in a doctor’s office. Once I got the all clear (from a previous viral infection in my eye), I grabbed my contacts and we were off to meet Anne for a late lunch. Okay, Owen got an apple pie and a diet coke. I know, worst mom ever, letting my kid drink soda, but it’s only on “special” occasions. I, on the other hand, was just as bad eating a Gyro wrap with fries and a sweet tea.

Then we went over to Master Cuts to see about getting Owen’s unruly hair cut. At first I was thinking I’d have to take him to Cartoon Cuts where they specialize in children and charge a fortune to do so. But I thought I’d try the cheaper option (by 50%) first and see what happened. The ladies there were great, and Owen did a stupendous job. Highly recommend the cheaper option. Bonus: I could see his face again, and what a cute face it is. Of course I did have to bribe him with Build-A-Bear. I know, I’m scoring big of the parenting factor, aren’t I?

Actually I had a coupon for Build-A-Bear, $5 off $10, which if you get the cheapest bear and no accessories, it only costs you about $5 for the whole experience and a new best friend. I did give Owen a choice of a bear, puppy, or bunny. “I already have a bear and a bunny, I want a puppy.” No problem. Now, O has a stuffed Koala at home named Charlie. We got him sometime last year with a similar deal. It’s amazing how much more they understand in such a short amount of time. Charlie wasn’t nearly as fun to make as the new puppy, only this time, Owen was more keenly aware of the millions of overpriced accessories available. I broke down and let him get a soccer outfit. More points lost.

When it came time to name his pup, he kept spelling out non-words. “L-W-E-N,” Owen said. “That’s not a name, or even a word. What name would you like you’re puppy to have?” “A-E-O.” “Still not a word, Owen. Try again.” This went on for a few minutes until finally Owen actually spelled a word that was also a name, “L-E-O.” And Leo was his name-o. It was fun because now he knows how to spell another name, other than his own. He even read it on the birth certificate. This time I get points. What a great experience for him, an apple pie, a haircut, and a new friend.

Lesson learned? I could totally go for the whole live-in nanny thing. Seriously! This week has been amazing. I’ve been blessed with individual, non-stressful time with each of my children. It’s amazing how my patience levels rise when I’m not completely surrounded by children all day long…and when I don’t have to change as many diapers.


Genelle said...

We have the same puppy! I used the $5 off coupon and made one for Evan. And I broke down to my own need for accessories and bought the puppy a grey and navy striped hoodie for $6. Still a good deal though! Glad you got to have some individual time with Owen and some much needed "Me" time for yourself! Wanna send your mother-in-law my way when she's done at your house? lol! Joking! :)

Angela Otero said...

Love hearing about you and the kids--and stories from the life of a real mom not a perfect/nonexistent mom. Makes the rest of us feel like we can make it too.