Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clare Got Married!

I was waiting until I could find a pic of Clare and myself before I posted to my blog, but there isn't one yet.  That's what I get for not taking my camera.  The point is that Clare and Mat got married, Mat moved out, and all I got was a huge bruise on my foot. Just kidding, I also got some good booze too.  Okay, okay and the opportunity to be part of something so amazing only God himself could pull it off.  Seriously.

I vividly remember chatting with Clare on the way back from Georgia (if you read my blog, you know what trip I am referring too, end of April 08).  She was telling me about this guy she'd met online.  Now I've always been quite skeptical on the online dating thing, but in this case, I'll let it pass.  Mat is such a great guy, and absolutely 100% in love with one of my best friends. 

Last August, Mat moved in with us and became a part of our family.  It's been weird not having him trample up and down the stairs the last couple of days.  Clare, of course, was already part of the family.  My kids call her Aunt Clare, even though it's against my husband's will. 

The wedding itself was beautiful, in all that it symbolized as well.  Of course about 5 seconds after I arrived, I stepped on a stilleto heel and severely bruised my foot...nothing a liitle ice, ibuprofen, and booze couldn't solve.  Actually wearing heels made it easier considering the bruise was in the arch of my foot. 

Mat didn't cry, but it didn't matter. I still couldn't hold back.  Thankfully, TJ broke the sappiness by tweeting a picture of the nuptuals from her unique perspective.  Really, it wouldn't be a Mat & Clare wedding without twitter.  But still, when Mat said his vows, not only to Clare, but to Reese too, I lost it...completely humbled by the display of grace at that altar.  God was moving in that place.(And Mat & Clare were moving in different ways a little later).

All in all, despite the mishap with my foot, it was a fantastic event.  I knew you all would like the pic.  As soon as I get a pic of the bride and myself, I'll post it here. 

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Clare said...

Ok I fixed like 5 of the typos I found in my blog. BTW I'm pretty sure TJ is a he so it would be "his unique perspective" LOL, thanks for the beautiful blog and all your help.