Monday, September 14, 2009

Voice Defying Weekend

So yeah, I've spent the better part of yesterday and today completely voiceless.  Notice how I didn't say speechless.  Laryngitis has not kept me from talking.  It's just kept me from being heard, and made me smell & taste weird things.

Let's see if I can recap a most fantabulous weekend.  I already told you about Friday night, which only made me regret not attending the DC Tea Party on Saturday (which I heard from untold #'s of people that it was eye opening and certainly an experience people will tell their kids about for years to come).

Saturday night was the Aaron Shust/Chris Sligh concert at First Baptist Church in Laurel, MD (our old stomping grounds).  Joyce and I bought VIP tickets which promised a CD, t-shirt, and a private concert before the concert with Aaron & Chris.  YAY!  Only thing was that no on told us what time to be there.  We showed up a little before 6 since that's when the doors opened.  I'm guessing that we should have actually been there much sooner considering the private concert was almost over.  Oh well, we still got to hear a few songs.  As we walked in, Aaron made eye contact with me, and to my surprise recognized me immediately.

Now let me just interject here.  Yes, I worked with Aaron for 3 years at Perimeter and while there, I would have said we were working buddies, but it's been 6 years.  I wasn't sure at all if he'd even remember me, especially without being prompted.  But he did! Yay!

After their set, he pulled Joyce and I aside and we caught up for a bit (literally a bit) before he ran off to grab a bite to eat before he was up. At this point, I have to say I was quite jealous.  Normally we eat around 6ish, so by this time, I was pretty stinking hungry.  Oh well, there's always later, right?

Katy, Wes & Neil met up with us at 7 for the concert.  Okay, Neil was a little late because he went to the church's old building which was not where we were.  He was also supposed to bring Owen with him, but O decided he'd rather play with Ashleigh & Carly, the babysitter.  He'll regret that decision one day.

First up was a new guy, Andrew Witt, great sound, highly recommend.  I fully plan on owning his CD.  Honestly should have bought the 4-pack of CD's featuring all the artists like JOyce and Katy did.  Kicking myself now.

Next up was another new voice, Lanae Hale, the only girl on the tour.  Boy, does she have her work cut out for her.  She was just down right cute, from her hair to her shoes.  Her southern twang brought me right back to the South.  Dang it, really should have bought the 4-pack of CD's.  It was only $30! Kicking myself again!

Although I have to say that I've never been to a concert where people mostly sat unless they were told to stand.  I always thought it was the other way around.  Then again, I haven't been to concert in years, since I left Georgia, I think. Well, at least Joyce, Katy and I broke the barrier.  Then again, we were also tweeting through out the event, and mostly with Aaron & Chris...and each other.  I did find out from Aaron that Brian Duffy was on tour with him.  Duffy used to make coffee for me every morning back at Camp All-American.  Oh, those were the good old days, fresh Starbucks and the world's best jump roper pouring it for me.  Now I have to pay $10 to see him play in his big old band.  Oh how the tides have turned (insert over exaggerated rolling eyes)

Chris Sligh popped up next, though it begged the question, if it's his tour, then why isn't he headlining.  Now, I didn't know much about Chris Sligh.  Since I don't watch American Idol, I honestly didn't know who he was until I saw his name next to Aaron's.  But this guy is impressive.  His heart is so transparent for the Lord.  I admire his choice to give up the lime light for a tour cross country in stinky vans.  Plus I hear he has a gorgeous wife.  Not sure why that's important, but that's what I was told.  Do with it as you please.  Quote of the night, "The 20th century had the zipper, the 21st has twitter." Come on, now that's funny stuff!

Last up, headlining, was Aaron Shust.  It was really cool to hear him sing in this capacity.  It's been 6 years since I've sat in a church and listened to him lead worship.  This is a man I respect, for his music, his heart for God, and commitment to his family.  He certainly hasn't let the celebrity go to his head.

Seeing as I've gone on and on, I think I'll stop here for now.  I'll tell you about the Arts & Craft festival and my decision on political blogging in my next post (which may be in 15 min or 6 hours, depends on naptime).  Pics are coming from the concert.  I'm waiting on Joyce to send them to me.  Joyce, if you're reading, hint, hint!

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