Monday, September 21, 2009

My Poor Atlanta, Home Wet Home

I had no idea that the flooding was this bad in Atlanta, and especially out in the areas where I grew up. It's almost surreal to look at the picture above and think, "I've driven on that interstate a million times."  I can't imagine it being underwater.  And what about all those cars just sitting there at the edge of this lake.  Did they just get out and walk home?

Honestly, I must be lost in some sort of alternate reality.  Literally I had no idea it was even raining there.  Heck, it's been beautiful here the last few days.  I guess I should call my sister in the morning just to make sure things are okay on her end.  From what I've seen, my family and friends are safe over there in Marietta, though I'm sure they're starting to question whether or not they should build an ark.

I'm praying for you guys.  And I'm telling my Maryland peeps to life you up as well (Did y'all here that?)    

I think tomorrow we might change our lesson a little and talk about Noah.  Owen loves Noah.  He wonders why we can't live on a boat.  Maybe I should suggest to Neil that we move back to Atlanta and buy a house boat.


Kara said...

We are good here Hills. Lots of people's homes are flooded, pools overflowing or the basements are flooded. Schools are shut down due to flooding or the roads flooding. I mean we never get a snow day, but now we got a rain day? Crazy! It has been raining for over a week straight. Bad news, more rain in the forecast all week and then a heavier system over the weekend into next week. Small creeks that no one ever noticed turned into rivers. Do keep us in your prayers. Lots of people are affected.

Angela Otero said...

Wow. I didn't know either 'till last night, when my friend Sarah called and said they're off from school. Crazy. Crazy.

patrick said...

you should hire me as your editor.

also, my word verification is "wette." funny.