Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet Barry

Blake, Madison and I had a ball at the mall today.  I'm not one to typically hang out at Columbia Mall.  I'm more the Arundel Mills type, better deals to be had there.  But today? Not too shabby.

We arrived just before 10 and headed to the Lord & Taylor Court for Story Time, only to find out it had been moved down by Nordstroms.  No worries.  We got there in plenty of time to grab ourselves a carpet square and find a seat.  Ms. Julie got started by introducing the theme of the day, Bees.  We sang, listened, danced (well not Blake so much) and buzzed along.  Madison started getting a little antsy about 3/4 of the way through, so we made a break for it.  Just as well though, we had quite a few things on our to-do list and a limited time to do them in.

Next I headed to get my ring dipped in Rhodium.  Turns out the trace amounts of nickel in my wedding band are causing my finger to break out.  Apparently a quick dip will cure that problem right up.  Only when I got to the place that is supposed to be able to do it while you wait, they said that their "guy" wasn't in until after 2.  Don't they know about naptime?  Oh well, off to Victoria's Secret I go.  A few posts ago I told you about a deal where when you join Pink Nation you get a coupon for $10 off $35 and a free beauty travel kit.  Today, I used my coupon and treated myself to one superb bra that actually fits (which was still on sale) and 5 pairs of NON-MATERNITY undies for around $30.  Yay, I feel like a woman again.

Then we were off to Build-A-Bear.  Blake picked out the dark brown bear and named him Barry.  He's still too young for all the accessories and junk, but I did find a pair of swim trunks on sale for $3.  All in all, we got the experience and a surfin' Barry for $8 and change.

Lastly, we met up with my good friend Tanya and her beautiful little princesses at the Food Court for a quick bite to eat before we had to pick up Owen from school. All in all; good day!

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