Saturday, September 12, 2009

On the Brink of What?

Last night I attended the Patapsco Valley Republican Club's Patriot Day Reception with my wonderful, supportive husband and about 140 other concerned citizens of Baltimore County.  Now I realize that not everyone who reads my blog is a conservative, or even gives a hoot about politics in general, but right now I happen to be pretty fired up.  I'm debating whether or not to start a new blog that deals strictly with my political musings.  Can I really keep up 3 blogs?  Who knows?  I do have a lot of extra free time now, and I've enjoyed getting back to roots of why I started the Hills of Chaos, a place for me to process all the muck inside my heart and mind.

Let's just say I took the plunge and created this new blog, what would I write about?  Honestly, I think I'd stick to local candidates and issues that impact my family directly.  Believe it or not, President Obama has very little effect over my everyday life, though as he expands government in general, he certainly is more threatening than any other president in my lifetime.  Councilman Moxley and State Delegate Malone's decisions impact my kid's schools, our property taxes, whether or not Edmonson Road ever gets sidewalks, the recycling program, and more.  And I'd personally rather see people in those positions who are more fiscally and socially conservative, who are more in touch with the vibe of the people.  Last night, Steve Whisler announced his candidacy for County Councilman of District 1 in Baltimore County, replacing Sam Moxley.  My first reaction?  "Steve, anything you need, you just let me know."  In fact, I think my first blog entry will be on Steve himself.  Hhmm, guess I'm going to do this blog now, huh?  Now I just need a name.

I'd love to see more young families get involved in the local scene. We get so tied up in our everyday lives that sometimes we forget that we actually have a say in how our tax dollars are spent, or even how our communities are shaped. We forget that our government works for us. I think it's time for some evaluation, accountability, and maybe even a little overhaul. 

Funny story:  I have many Facebook friends from the PVRC that I've never actually met before.  Allison Baird is one of them, but as soon as she walked in with her husband, Shawn, last night, I recognized her from Facebook, so I introduced myself.  She knew who I was as well, and even asked about More than Moms.  We'd been talking for about 20 or so minutes when Neil walked in.  As he's being introduced he has a funny look on his face.  "Um, I don't know why, but you look strangely familiar."  "Yeah, you look familiar to me too."  Okay, not exactly something you're expecting to hear.  How in the world does my husband know this woman?  A few minutes went by as we're all racking our brains of where they may have met. Then Neil says, "Chick-Fil-A?"  Immediately we all erupt into laughter.  Of course, we see each other at Chick-Fil-A every Tuesday night. We connected when I was still pregnant over the fact that our daughters have the same name.  Sadly, in 30 minutes of conversation, we never made the connection...and they live within walking distance.  I smell a new friendship! Yay!

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