Friday, September 18, 2009

Leaning to One Side

I have to say I'm pretty stoked right now, and definitely leaning towards local politics versus the community association.  Why?  Well, I haven't met with our association president.  I will do that on Sunday, but nothing invigorates me more (save my family and my faith) then being able to have a direct impact on the world around me.  Two things I absolutely love to do; write and plan events (the programmer in me), and through the local Republican scene, I now get to do both.

I told you how I was asked to blog on the PVRC (Patapso Valley Republican Club) Blog.  Since Monday, I've popped out 10 or so posts and am loving every second.  Actually on Tuesday, we broke an all time site visit record.  Yay! I'd like to think they're coming to read my stuff, but really, I chalk it up to mere activity.  Regardless, I get to put my opinion out there as well as bring awareness to some issues going on in Catonville, Baltimore County, Maryland, and even on the national front.  I could so do this whole blogging thing full time.  Too bad people don't pay you for that.

Today, Steve Whisler, candidate for Baltimore County Council, asked me to help plan his "coming out" event.  On October 19, he's going to officially announce his candidacy and I have the unique privilege of helping to plan the event.  I'm so excited, I feel like I'm stumbling over my words.  Can you see why I'm leaning in this direction?

I'm not sure that the Oak Crest Association can top it.  I'm not sure what I can do there that will really make an impact.  But we'll see what comes out of my meeting on Sunday.  Maybe there is a way to stay involved with Oak Crest while turning my attention to More than Moms and local politics. I don't know, what do you think?

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