Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Feeling IT

What a crazy few days, and I mean crazy. Saturday was my 30th birthday, and thank you to my wonderful hubby Neil, my SWF Clare, and my soon to be next door neighbor Katy for making the day super fun and not at all depressing. A while back I threatened my dear hubby within an inch of his life to make a big deal out of my 30th. He then was smart enough to enlist the help of two of my closest friends. While Clare whisked me away for a day of manis & pedis, Katy, Wes , and Neil turned my house into a party palace of black and purple. If you ask me, Clare got the better end of that deal.

Funny side note: I sort of knew what was going on. Clare & Katy are bad liars (which isn't a bad trait). Anyways, Mom and Becca surprised me with a dozen pink roses & chocolates (okay, that wasn't a surprise either, but that's because Becca called me every five seconds claiming she was bored. Really, she was seeing if FedEx had delivered the flowers yet.) Such a sweet gesture, and totally not predictable. Since Clare and I were on our way out for lunch when Fed Ex arrived, I didn't have time to put the flowers in a vase. Actually we left about 30 seconds before Mr. FedEx got there, so we had to come back, but that's not the point. All day I was tempted to call Katy and say, "Hey, How ya doing?"

Katy-"Good. Are you having fun with Clare?"

Birthday Girl-"Absolutely! Where you at?"

Katy-"Oh, we're on our way to my mom's."

Birthday Girl-"Sounds fun. Hey, can you put my flowers in water?"

Ha ha ha! Still makes me laugh. Aren't I stupid to laugh at my own jokes? Anyways, I didn't do that because I didn't want to let on that I knew. Why ruin the fun for them? It was really fun to pull up in the driveway and see my friends standing out on the porch. It was a Day-O-Hillary, my favorite kind of day.

Poor Neil got a doozy though, a whole Weekend-O-Hillary given that Sunday was Mother's Day. He did good though, taking me out to breakfast, then taking care of the kid's all day so I didn't have to do anything (including poopy diapers). You know what would have made my Mother's Day more enjoyable? Not being pregnant. I was just so tired; All I wanted to do was nothing. I didn't even enjoy going to grocery store, which is entirely unlike me. Katy, Wes, and Jerry came over after church, which was fun. Katy & I made cookies (okay, Katy did) and looked for houses online, while the boys played darts and drank beer. You'd think they would get tired of that game, but nope. When they left, I sat in the cozy, ugly recliner to watch a show and drifted off to sleep. Last night, I couldn't even stay up past 9ish. Even Neil was shocked to come down and find me asleep (and not playing Sudoku.) So I'm feeling IT. I'm just not sure what IT is. Is it the pregnancy fatigue I've come to love, or the fact that I'm 30 and getting up there in age? It's probably just the pregnancy, but I find it a bit too coincidental that it comes the day after I turn 30. It could be worse though, I could be puking every 30 minutes. Luckily, I've been through 2 pregnancies and never had that problem. If this is a girl though (fingers crossed), I could be in for a treat.

If you made it this far in my rambling, I'd like to give an update on the Pampered Chef fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. So far, I've collected just over $200 in orders, a little shy of my $2000 goal. If you were thinking of placing an order, please do so soon. I'm planning on closing out the show on the 15th. I've heard from several people that they are planning on ordering, but haven't yet. There is still time to hit the goal, so tell your friends. You can even combine a few small orders into one large one to save on shipping. This is most likely my last month as a full time consultant, and I'd like to go out with a bang. And by bang I mean one that "kick...cancer's arse." Those are my dad's words, not mine.


Anonymous said...

You are crazy...and I miss it so much! I am going to have to check your blog more often since I had no idea you were pregnant and you probably lost my phone number in the washer incident. Happy 30th!! It sounds like it was fun.

By the way, what in the world were you doing blogging at 5:00 in the morning?!!

I hope you are doing well. I can't wait to see you again!

Jo said...

I'm so glad you had such an awesome birthday! Neil is a little quicker on the uptake... I've told Jamie EXACTLY what I wanted to do for my last two birthdays and both years we've done nothing at all. Sigh. Here's hoping for next year!

You still coming this weekend? :)