Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Linky No Worky

I don't know why everyone elses computers are so whack. It works fine when I click the link to the house listing. Either way, I've added the link to my "Links to No Where or Somewhere." If it still doesn't work then I blame it on the dark forces of the world who don't want me to sell my house (most of which are family who happen to live south of here...like 12 hours south of here).

Tonight, my realtor (who is awesome might I add) went to Lowes with me to pick out landscaping stuff to create better curb appeal, and we did it for a little over $100. Sweet! It already looks better and they're just sitting in their pots waiting to be planted. Hopefully I'll muster up the courage to "dig in" and get dirty later this week. I can do haunted houses, easily. They don't scare me at all, but gardening? Well that will send me into a tailspin for weeks. I have a black thumb, and plants know it. They see me walking down the aisle and they pretend to look dead so I won't pick them. I'm not even exagerating. They hate me. Maybe I don't have a black thumb after all. Maybe they commit suicide. Let's just hope I can keep these plants alive until we sell the house.

Just as an update on the fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. We raised just over $200. Great job. Thank you to all of you who placed orders. I'll be posting some items for sale later this week. After two and a half years with The Pampered Chef, I've decided to move on and focus on being a mom and pursuing writing. I may stay active for the discounts, but I will no longer do cooking shows. Be on the lookout for discounted merchandise in the next few days. I'll offer it here before I put it on ebay.

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Emily said...

I haven't seen the inside of the house in a long time...it looks great! I think I saw my favorite couch in the pictures (at least I think that is it) :-) I'm sure the new plants will look fantastic as well.