Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I just lost my blanket and my chair. Owen, politely sitting in the chair next to me, starts to climb up into the recliner with me. Ahhh, how sweet. He wants to sit with Mommy. He says, "blanket mommy, blanket." Since the blanket was wrapped around me, I had to stand up in order to untangle it so we could cuddle up together. I turn around to sit back down only to find Owen already there and placing Big Bear beside him, clearly no room for Mommy. I gave up the blanket to the adorable little monster and his friend then came and sat on the couch. The sacrifices we make as parents.

I hear Blake stirring, which means my post will be extra short this morning. Katy and I are taking the kids up to the Inner Harbour today. We both do mystery shopping, and on occasion we get the Cheesecake Factory in Baltimore. Score! While we're there critiquing this fabulous excuse for a restaurant (who doesn't do kid's menus, by the way), we make a day of it by visiting the Aquarium and maybe the Children's Science Museum. Katy has memberships at both so I get to go as her guest for free. What a fun free day, except for the million dollars in gas to get up there, but still. I'm sure I'll have a few stories to tell when I get back, so in the interest of your time, I'll be going to get monster #2 out of bed and start the day.

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