Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At the Gates a Knockin'

It's an overwhelming feeling when you see a vision 9 months in the making lived out in person. As I approached the church this morning, I could literally feel the emotions welling up inside and they hovered there through out the day. No, camp has not officially started but staff training has, and what a fantabulous staff we have. Right from the get go, you could see that our staff got it. They got why we do what we do. They caught the vision on camp. You couldn't ask for a better group of people. Now, of course, I understand that God called these men and women to their various positions at camp. But when you see people "get" that their called, it's a whole other feeling...connection.

Yesterday I was stressed. Today I'm uber stoked. Tomorrow...well, that's tomorrow. But all in all, I know that no matter what comes down the line, God's got this one. He confirms that everyday. In fact the things, we stress the most about always seem to work themselves out, for the best. Gee, I wonder if that's because it's all part of some greater plan. For instance, a few days ago, we were stressing over budget. It's seems that our forecast is a little in the red (or quite a bit). But as it so happens, God's in control of that too. And in every new surprise, I can see His fingerprints.

After a long day of training the kids and I met Neil at the nearby Chick-fil-a for Kid's Night. Normally we go to the one near us on Thursday night, but for the summer, we're hitting up the CFA close to the church. It felt like the perfect in to an amazing day. Amy D & her family were there, which provided some fun fellowship. Then I ran into a lady I use to do yoga with when we lived in Laurel. While I'm talking to Sharon, a woman points to my shirt and says "Oh Grace Adventures, my daughter is coming there in a couple weeks." Score! I tell you. It just tickles me silly to see people recognize camp, especially since we're so stinking new on the seen.

But wait, it didn't end there. I also had the opportunity to see one of our servant team kids who happens to be serving all summer long. I actually had the opportunity to hang out with Rikki a little at the church picnic and I have to say that we are darn lucky (not that I believe in luck) to have him on our team. Needless to say, I spent most of the drive home praising Jesus for a fantabulous day.

But wait, it's still not over. Now, if this news had come a day or two earlier, my perspective might have been entirely different. But not 20 minutes after I got home, I received a phone call from one of our counselors. Turns out, she isn't going to be able to work with us this summer. She's decided that she is being called in a different direction. My response? Girl, you gotta do what God is calling you to do. I've said this before, but tonight I feel like whether I believe it or not was tested. God already knows who He has at camp this summer, and He knows the outcome of this situation. I'm sad to see Kelly move on, but I'm excited to see what God does in her life as well as in the "life" of Grace Adventures Day Camp. It's not exactly fun to be shuffling around staff on the first day of staff training, but it's a good thing and I'm confident that it will be all good in the end.

So Hillary, what can we do? Wow, I'm so glad you asked. I covet your prayers. As we go into this summer, there are many ways that the enemy can attack. And quite frankly I have something to say to Satan..."bring it." If he's not attacking, then we're doing something wrong. Pray for sound relationships among staff. Pray we will be outside the box thinkers. Pray that we'll be connected to the Word and to the Body. Pray that we'll have the wisdom to know how to put out the fires. Pray that we'll stick to our vision by actively building bridges to our community through a program that is excellent, safe and fun. Really just pray!


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