Friday, April 11, 2008

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I'll lead with the same thing I did on Dad's blog this morning: In the process of recovery, there are good days, okay days, and bad days. This is an okay day. Remember how I was telling you about the "fog" yesterday? Well, it didn't lift much yesterday, and it's worse today. We found out that the nurse gave him Adovan two nights ago. Now, in good health, that stuff will send him into a loop for two full days. But in recovery mode, apparently, it just puts him down for the count. I can't say that it's not concerning, because it is, but I hope that as the medicine wears off, we'll see clear skies again.

Right now, he's sitting in the chair beside the bed. The "cabana boys"(the heavy duty guys whose job it is to lift heavy things) came to get him back in his bed, and he didn't have enough strength to help. This is definitely a step backwards, maybe two. At this point it's a game of wait and see. Now you know all know how much a like a good game, but this one sucks. I have no control, no turn to try my luck. Dad is playing on his own against the Grim Reaper himself, and I think he just lost a turn. I hope he'll do better on the next round.

That's all I feel like writing today. Maybe more will come to me as the day progresses. We'll just have to "wait and see."

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