Wednesday, December 10, 2008

C-ville in My Rear View Mirror

I'm hoping that today's news is a sign of what is to come, an obedient and pleasing child. I've been telling Madison for weeks that she needs to go ahead and turn around. Though she might be a little slow to obey, she has, for now, complied with my request. As of this morning, Madison is head down and raring to go. In fact, I'm actually 1 cm. dilated, which really can mean nothing. I was 3 cm. dilated with Blake for 2 weeks before he decided to grace us with his presence.

I'm still hoping for an end of the year baby, but since I'm hoping for selfish reasons (tax deductions), I'm really sure I can ask you guys to pray for that. Comfort wise, yeah, not so much comfort here. I noticed a change in her position a couple days ago, and with it came increased pressure (and the necessity to pee more often) and increased pain (which could be what is leading to the dilation). With Blake I just wanted him to come when my mom was visiting so we walked a million miles and did everything we could think of to get him out, but he took his precious time. With Madison, I just want to stand up and not cringe or yelp. For that reason, I'd really like her to just come whenever she's ready and not a second longer. Of course, house wise I'm not ready. There are presents to wrap, beds to buy (for the boys), rooms to clean (which I hope I can get a cleaning lady to do), and a ton of other things I can't pin down at the moment. So you guys can pray I get that nesting sensation a little early this time. It's not fun to look around and watch your "to-do" list grow and know you don't have the energy to do anything about it.

That's the update of the day. Kudos to Madison for turning on her own, and giving us the best chance at avoiding a C-section. As much as I was liking the idea of knowing exactly when she was coming, the recovery time with two kids was overwhelming me. So thank you God for her turn.


Jo said...

WOO HOO! Good girl, Maddie.

Genelle said...

Yay for babies that turn and do what they are supposed to do! I hope your last few weeks as a pregnant lady get easier for you.

Michelle said...

YAY!! I am so glad she behaved (at least this once anyways):)

Emily said...

That is great news! I told you that I was reading your blog. :-)