Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Random Comment that will most likely not enrich anyone's life

Confession of the day: I watch a few chicky flicky, teeny bopper, guilty pleasure TV shows (like One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl (thanks to my lil' sis) and Privileged).

Anyways I just have to say that I was watching the previews for next week's Gossip Girl and the character Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick, looks super hot. Completely pointless, I know, but the thing is that this same character normally has this slicked back Norman Bates look that makes me want to cringe...just not sexy.

But the sad part about it all, the reason for the disheveled cutey patooty look, his dad's death. See how I am not at all enriching anyone's life by posting this blog. But it was on my mind, and I felt that in order to free myself from it, I needed to get it out.

There, I feel all better. Of course now my secret is out of the bag, I will probably berated by everyone I know...oh well. Who's brave enough to mess with a hormonal pregnant woman on her last nerve (and brain cell)?


Genelle said...

I watch One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl too! Josh picks on me so much...

Hillary said...

Genelle, You should really add Privileged to your list as well. Super Cute and not as trashy. Thanks for your confession. I wonder if others out there are brave enough.