Friday, December 19, 2008

What's Worse? You Decide!

So we all know the pressure I feel to get this baby out of my belly. We all know because I make it very clear, and now I think I've made it so clear to Madison that she feels even more pressure to get out...making it more uncomfortable for me, and so the cycle continues. Anyways that's not why I'm writing today, nope, not at all. I'm writing because I not only have to deal with the constant pain and pressure, I now get the pleasure of not one, but two, sick children. And of course it's not a simple virus that we find a new home in a couple days, it's a strange stomach virus that seems to be quite punctual, at least with Owen.

So here's the deal. For the last three nights around 2 am, Owen awakes and within moments is spewing the contents of his belly all over the place. Sound fun to you? Me either. The stench alone is enough to send me over the edge. In fact one whiff and I spent most of last night trying to prevent myself from the same fate getting virtually no rest. Doctor seems to think it's a virus so we'll ride it out for a few more days and hope it resolves itself. But I have to say I've never seen a more punctual virus.

Blake, on the other hand, has a classic case of diarrhea and not the fun kind (not like there is a fun kind, but if there were, this would not be it). He seems to be doing much better today, so I'm hoping the worst is over.

I'm pretty sure Madison is doing good, though I'm at that stage where I constantly feel like I have to go pee, but then I go and it's nothing but a slight trickle. Honestly it's what I felt the day I went into labor with Owen. Of course it could just be a trick. I'll probably still be pregnant on January 15 (her actual due date). You'll all just have to wait and see, just like me.

I would covet your prayers. It's not fun having sick kids or being uncomfortably pregnant, and it's certainly not fun when you combine those two together. So please pray for us, and for Neil too. I'm sure he does not think it's much fun to clean up the chunky mess Owen leaves behind in the wee hours of the morning.

On a lighter note, a tradition my friend Jen started with Owen continues tomorrow morning. Prenatal pedicures! Jen, of course, can't go with me since she lives in TX now, so Katy (also 36 weeks pregnant) and Clare (newly engaged) will be joining me. And the men folk are taking the kids to the Science Center. Yay for girl time. We all need that sometimes, unless you're a guy.

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Mommy said...

Yuck! I have two sick boys too... but doesn't sound as bad as yours. I'll be praying for your guys to get better quickly.