Thursday, December 4, 2008

Heading Towards C-ville, or so it seems

Went to see Doc today. It seems that Madison prefers the head-up position, which I really can't blame her. I wouldn't want to stick my head way down there either. Who would?

As a result of my fun visit, I am not really any closer to having definitive answers. Dr. Feldman is going to attempt to schedule an aversion (manually turning lil' Madison) at 37 weeks (on or about Dec 22). However there may be a slight conflict with that plan, seeing as the hospital (or it might be the insurance company) may nick say the procedure due to my previous Cesarean. Good news is that all this wonderful pain I'm feeling is not causing me to dilate. Bad news, it looks like I may very well be heading for another C-section.

The game of "Wait and See" begins now. There are several possible scenarios that could happen, only one of which will, and only one person knows which one will win in the end (that would be God).

Scenario #1: I got into labor naturally between now and Dec 22 and end up with an emergency C-section. Yay...not so much.

Scenario #2: We attempt the Aversion, and during the fun-loving procedure, I go into labor = most likely a C-section, but could be natural depending on where they were in the procedure. Yay...not so much or so much?

Scenario #3: We do the aversion and it's successful = natural labor in her timing. much!

Scenario #4: We do the aversion and it's not so successful = scheduled C-section (or maybe they just go ahead and take her...who knows?) Yay...not so much

Scenario #5: Someone is the higher-ups tells wonderful Dr. F that we can not in fact attempt the aversion. In which case, I blow a gasket and then schedule the C-section somewhere around 38-39 weeks. However, if I go into labor before said date, we go back to Scenario #1. Yay...not so much.

Scenario #6: She, being the good little daughter she is, turns on her own, and we have yet another happy, natural birth. Yay...let's go with this one. So peeps, I say VOTE for #6 in your nightly prayers.

I'm sure there a myriad of other possibilities, but those seem the most obvious or likely to me. As much as I don't want to end up with a C-section (been there, done that), my biggest concern is her safety (and maybe my recovery). I know that God is in control of this situation as much as he is in control of when my Kohl's package arrives. I'm just not so great with waiting. It's not I'm in a great deal of pain which doesn't help matters much. So I'll play the game of "Wait and See." In the end, I will see Madison. She'll be here, crying, sleeping, eating, and she'll be fabulous. I mean, why wouldn't she be, she is my daughter.

In other news:

Blake had his 18 month check-up, and am happy to report that he has reached the 25% for weight and 32% for height. Yay, go Blake. We also found out he has an ear both ears. See what a great mom I am. Go ahead and grant me that "Mom for the Year" award. Sweet!

I got my hair cut...a little different, and in such a way that I can actually bring out my natural waviness. I have to say it looks cute. I'll take a picture (hopefully some day) and post it for you all to see. Towards the end of pregnancy, I think a lot of women go to the salon because it's something they can control. Can't change my body, but I can change my hair. Really, makes a difference.

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Jo said...

Or #7 try moxibustion. It really does work in most cases!