Saturday, June 7, 2008

Busy Days

Camp is just under a month away, literally by a day, and we're gearing up for an exciting summer. Our staff is hired, the curriculum is done, and the shopping list compiled. It's all coming together. So why are all the butterflies in my tummy coming out of hibernation. It's like they've had Red Bull for breakfast. Granted, it could just be the baby growing inside me, but really I think it's nerves. Of course I trust that everything that is supposed to happen will happen. Right now, Michelle and I are scrutinizing the budget in order to find money to buy the rest of our supplies. Really, if a few more kids would just sign up, we'd be solid. Let's just all trust that 10 more kids register for camp in the next week. Did you guys get that? Don't forget to add it to your prayer list. Good, now that we're done with that part, I'll tell you about our work day today. 25 people, mostly high school students, will be gathering up at the church in just over an hour from now to build benches and paint decorations. How exciting is that? We even have a camp parent and two campers joining us, and most of our staff. Side note: our staff is AWESOME! I can't wait, which is probably why I'm buying time writing to you all.

Update on Operation Sell Home: We had TWO showings last night, yippee! We haven't heard back from "Get It Sold" yet, but she did say it'd take a few days. I'm thinking we should hear something by Monday.

Gearing up for an all around hot and sticky day. Did I happen to sleep through June and July? Is it already August? What's up with the weather? And if you say global warming, I'll hurl. Literally, it's so muggy outside, I can see the humidity. It looks like fog, but feels like your walking through a cotton candy machine.

If you read my Dad's blog, I hope to update it today. Sorry I was MIA yesterday.

Owen Update: After 45 minutes of sitting on his potty while watching Diego & Backyardigans, and drinking tea and water, Owen FINALLY pee peed in his potty. There's nothing more exciting to a mommy than the prospect of changing one less diaper...only this morning he refuses to sit on the potty (rolling eyes).

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Anonymous said...

I think we have the opposite problem. Luke pees so often, I'm afraid that once he's potty trained we'll be running to the potty every 5 minutes.