Sunday, June 29, 2008

Not Counting My Chickens Yet...

But I'm hoping that the third times a charm. After our hot and sticky moving sale yesterday, we loaded up the cars (Wes & Katy were with us) and went hunting, for a house that is. There were 5 homes on the list, and Steph saved the one I favored the most for last. I'm glad she did. In my mind, despite the small exterior and less than perfect pictures, the Hubner House as I call it was our best option. It advertised 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, .2 acres, and fully renovated, but the big kicker is that it's literally right around the corner from the Glenmore House. Let me just say that the first three houses we saw were just not at all what we were looking for, the fourth was better but required some work (we all know how much I like the work), and then we got to Hubner. Now I'm telling you, the exterior of the home does nothing to sell help it sell. It seems tiny, but once you walk in, the space opens up entirely. Again, the entire second floor is a master suite, only this time, it has a walk in closet that's larger than what we have now (opposite of the Glenmore house). The bathroom has twin sinks, the coolest tile work ever and a step-in jacuzzi tub/shower combo with multiple shower heads. On the main level, there's a nice sized living room, two fairly large bedrooms for the kids and a full bathroom between them. There's lots of closet space in both room and the hallway. The dining room is open to the kitchen which was redone with white cabinets, wood counter tops, and all black appliances. From here you can walk out to the enclosed sun room, that opens up to a very large fully-fenced in backyard. It's perfect for entertaining and hosting playgroup. But I'm not done. Downstairs you'll find a fully finished, and finished well, basement including an amazing bar area with fridge, a large rec/play room, 2 full bedrooms and a bathroom. Really the only unfinished part of the house is the utility room right off the stairs. So it's clear to see how quickly I fell in love with this house. We put in the offer last night.

So what were my worries going in? It's still occupied. Would they be able to get out by the 22nd? They haven't come down much on the price? Would they be able to budge at all?

Well, it just so happens that the wife was there with her 3 kids. Okay so have you ever seen the old comparison between our presidents, Lincoln & Carter? This is similar, without the whole gunshot to the head thing. Her kids are 5,3, & 1 (the same distance apart that mine with be). Their dog's name is Reece. Coincidence? Maybe! But here's the kicker. A year ago, they put an offer on the very same Glenmore house that we did, it was accepted, and then reneged on. I think we might just be kindred spirits. As to the money issue. They actually had a contract on the house, and were supposed to be moving out this past weekend. It fell through because the buyer's lost their financing. So not only can they get out by the 22nd, there in a better place to negotiate a little (hopefully).

As much as I like this house, I'm desperately trying to not count my chickens before they hatch. But if we do one day call this place home, I can see why God allowed Glenmore to fall through. The Hubner house is bigger, 2400 finished sq, with a larger lot. It's fully fenced and has not only a 4th bedroom, but also a 5th. So, please start dialing up to our heavenly Father on our behalf. We should know something today on tomorrow.

Here's the link to the house.


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Katy said...

I think I'll be just as devastated as you if this house falls through. I know the Glenmore house fell through for a reason, and I felt from the moment we walked into the Hubner house that this house was the reason. You know we are here praying for you, hoping and dreaming right along with you. I can't wait to hear the good news!