Sunday, June 29, 2008

Up For Grabs!

We have a toddler picnic table that needs to go. It's in decent shape, but needs a good cleaning. I'm offering it up to my friends before I put it on Freecyle. By the way, it's free! We also have 2 wood stool with black covers, but they need to be! I have a bunch of stuff going to Goodwill, so if you're thinking about these things and want to check out the rest, you're welcome to sift through and take what you want.

TV Armoire: made by Broyhill, good shape: $60
Desk w/hutch, 2 file drawers: $30
Small Black Chair, great for accents: $2
Pampered Chef Colander & Bowl Set, w/lids, it was just replaced with a new style & I don't need 2 sets: $6
Set of 4 blue wine glasses: $4
Vintage Coffee Urn/Perculator, needs plug in cord: $8
Real Crystal Vase: $3

I have more, but it's early and I can't think right now. Don't forget to read the post below about the new home prospect.


Genelle said...

Hi Hillary! I know someone who was looking for an armoire. I'm going to see her at 9 this morning and I'll let you know if she's interested. Thanks!

amy said...

I think I want your picnic table. Can you bring it to training tomorrow?