Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hollywood or Bust?

Kelly from Edleman Productions, "Get It Sold" came by to meet with us today. Unlike our visit with the "Designed to Sell" scout, Kelly seemed excited to have us on their show. We won't know for sure for a couple of days, but lets hope we won them over. How cool would that be? Not only would be get to be on the show, but we get professional staging and all that entails for FREE. I love free. It's my favorite price point.

If we're selected, crossing fingers as I type (which takes some talent), we're also hoping to be chosen for their first show starting June 16th. Otherwise, we'll have to wait until August since I have this thing called camp happening all July. They require 4 filming days during the week, of which I'll need to find a place for the boys to go. Once I know the dates, assuming we get picked, I'll let you know and if any of you can take the boys for a day or two, you can let me know.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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