Sunday, June 22, 2008

Still Waiting, But It's a Beautiful Day

Besides the fact that I'm in desperate need of sleep, I'm actually doing okay today. I've had lots of things to distract me from the anxiety of waiting for a phone to ring, like packing, working on my Pampered Chef Inventory Blowout (see sidebar), and preparing for my realtor to arrive to go over the inspection report on this house.

So here goes my rant for the day. When we accepted the offer on our home, we told the buyers that the inspection was for information purposes only. The house is being sold "As Is." Not that there is anything wrong with the house, it's just that we've already agreed to plenty of concessions at closing. Believe me.

So they do the inspection for which I happen to be here for. Nice couple with two kids, and this is their first house. I'm delighted that our little home is going to a young family, but did they really have to ask for every little item on the inspection to be repaired. Seriously folks, all 16 items. Steph and James should be here soon to go over the list with us. We'll probably agree to a few things that Neil can do for $0, but that's it. And the thing is, they knew that. I guess they thought there was no harm in trying. I get that, and I can appreciate that, but I just think it's a little bold considering they knew our terms ahead of time.

Go figure. Just a quick rant. I'll let you know if we here anything on the other house. It's been almost 48 hours. That's not normal right?


Anonymous said...

My dear old dad once said, "when money comes in the door, trust goes out the window." When we bought our house, the seller asked for an extra $500, a whole week after we made our offer. Said he was in Costa Rica and could not be there to haggle. I told the realtor we would not pay any more money and that we didn't need to buy the house. Somehow, she got the offer accepted 2 days later, and it closed with no problems.

Anonymous said...

When we sold the house on Eves Circle, after 21 years of living and raising a family, there was a relatively short inspection list. However, we just did not want to mess with it. We agreed to give the buyers a gift card from Home Depot for a certain $ amount and let them do the work. Anyway, not suggesting you do that, but I would not do any work that cost $s since it was stated up front in the contract. You are not obligated and they are just trying to see what happens. It won't break the deal since it is in writing that it is an "as is" sell. Rest well, my daughter.

Katy said...

ok, where's the update?! I'm going crazy over here ;-)