Wednesday, June 18, 2008

La La Land

Due to a stubborn seller who's living in "La La Land," we're officially back on the house hunting trail, which is fine by me. It's not like this house was our dream home, and it would have meant a ton of work, but it was a nice a price (at least what we were willing to pay for it). The poor house has been on the market for almost a year with no other offers. This guy finally gets an offer and refuses to budge much on his price. Apparently, he doesn't want to sell his house.

Anyways, on to more pressing matters, like where are we going to live come July 21. I'm actually fairly encouraged. After I went back and searched through hundreds of homes in the areas we want to live, I found 5 or 6 that we'd like to visit. So off we go tomorrow night to find ourselves a place to call home. Do you want to know the real reason why I'm encouraged? Neil and I were looking at the selected homes last night, and when we were done, he asked if I'd like to pray about this entire situation? So we did. Enough said for now.

On to something deeper. As you all know, there was a certain hallmark holiday last Sunday that was particularly difficult for me. Actually it wasn't so difficult until my MIL called to give Neil a special hallmark greeting. From that point on, I was pure mush. I literally sobbed through church. It got better once we got back to our house where we were joined by several friends to celebrate a birthday. Great distraction. See I had decided several weeks ago that I wouldn't celebrate the holiday on the actually holiday, as to attempt to avoid such emotions that drag me near to edge of insanity. At the same time, we choose to observe "Happy Neil Day" on Tuesday which I did by getting up and fixing him a traditional southern breakfast before sending him off to work. Seriously, it felt like I was more of a traditional housewife then the slacker I am. Maybe I should aim to do that once a week, or once a month, or every year on the Tuesday following the hallmark holiday I flat out ignore (kind of like St. Patrick's Day). We'll see how that goes.

On a lighter note, Owen is currently sitting in Neil's recliner (which I hope has a similar fate to Chandler's white dog statue on Friends) in his Thomas the Tank Engine underwear. Don't get all excited. I'm just praying he doesn't pee or poop before he messes up the chair. Oh wait, that might not be a bad idea. Neil couldn't blame me then, hmmm (except that he reads this blog, so no go). I told Owen a couple days ago while at Target buying a box of diapers that this was the last box I was buying so he better to learn to go to the potty. I'm mostly serious, so I hope he catches on so he doesn't have to run around naked, pooping all over the place. It would be quite embarrassing for me, and maybe a little for him. Great now he is sitting behind me on the couch. He's never peed on me before (I know, amazing isn't it?). Let's hope he doesn't decide to start now.

I'm off to get ready to go to camp, or at least work on camp. Three weeks from today, we'll be welcoming campers through the entrance of Grace Community Church. It seems like yesterday this venture was a simple dream, a vision, and now it's virtually reality. God is so good.


Katy said...

Good Luck with the underpants!! Maybe a few accidents will be all he needs to snap him out of diapers ;-) Be sure to fill me in on the houses!!! I can't wait to hear about how much you like them!! I hope Neil had a wonderful day yesterday! Sorry we couldn't join you!

Clare said...

Sorry about the house but I hope you show me pics of the new one tonight :-) Good luck w/ not getting peed on :-P